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Virginia Death Records: How to Find Death Records in Virginia?

by Anne S.

How to Find Death Records in Virginia, Finding Virginia Death Records

How to Find Death Records in Virginia?

Death certificates are important death records, which are issued by the government and have crucial details such as the cause of why a person’s death, location, and death of the person’s death among others. These are key records used for life insurance claims and settlement of estate disputes.

The Virginia Department of Health has the Virginia Office of Vital Records under its jurisdiction that preserves, as well as, issues Virginia death records. However, the death records here are maintained only from 1912 to present for the residents of the state. Also, only certain people are allowed to request for these public records and they include the deceased’s immediate family members and individuals with a personal or property interest in that record. Check out the list of people who are considered to be the deceased’s immediate family members in the next section.
How to Find Death Records in Virginia
List of People who can Procure copies of Public Death Records Virginia:

It is not quite complicated to obtain copies of death certificates in the state of Virginia. In fact, the process is fairly easy and a simple one when the requester is married or related to the deceased.
Following is the list of people who can request for a copy of the death certificate in the state of Virginia:

1. Spouse
2. Adult grandchildren
3. Grandparents
4. Adult children
5. Siblings
6. Parents

As mentioned earlier, it is the Virginia Department of Health, which is responsible for maintaining the state’s death records having details such as the name of the deceased person, the place and date of the death, the reason for death, parents’ names and parents’ birthplaces.

At present, the Department of Health preserves more than 7 million vital records and a significant part of these records are death records. When a person has the desired eligibility, he/she can get the death record they want in 4 distinct ways. These are by mail, in person, through the Department of Motor Vehicles of Virginia, and Virginia death records online.

Virginia Death Records Online
1. In-Person

It is the first method for a person living in Virginia to ask for and get the death records they are looking for. When a person, needs a particular death record, he/she has to go to the Vital Records Office’s local division, fill up an application form and submit the same enclosed with their valid photo identification proof and a fee of 12 USD.

2. By Mail

It is the second way for a person to ask and receive the desired death record in the state of Virginia. To do so, the applicant needs to fill up a prescribed application form and enclose a copy of his/her valid photo identification proof along with a check or a pay order for the fee.

3. Online Death Records Virginia

It is the fastest way one can make the request for a particular death record and avail it in Virginia. The Department of Health if Virginia has tied up with an independent service provider called VitalChek so that applications for procuring death records can be processed and the records can be made available online. Visit the portal of VitalChek to make a request for your required death record online. The instructions mentioned on the website should be followed and the stipulated fee has to be paid.

4. DMV

It is the final and laws method to request and get your Virginia death records. You can visit any full-service location of the Department of Motor Vehicles of DMV of Virginia and then make your request for a death record you are interested in and are eligible to access.

You may also request a death record in the state through the online public databases.


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