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How to Get a Virginia Driver's License

by Toni S.

Virginia Drivers Training, Drivers Training Virginia

Virginia Drivers Training: Behind the Wheel Training and Permit Training

Applying for the driver's license

There are many courses offered in the state for getting the drivers licenses. The rules and regulation have to follow all citizen of the state/country.  People can be trained in private and public schools. Initially, they initiate the classroom training which helps the drivers/learns to follow the safety journey while driving a vehicle.

Behind the wheel Training
The training institute provides the certificate once course completion based on the criteria. Need to submit the proof for training completion. The age limit would be at least 15 ½ years old and have to provide the home school certificate for applying for a license.

Required are the components as follows:

  • The course offered by the state approved training centers only. They must complete the 14 periods of the driving licenses.
  • They issue the temporary license for six months.
Virginia Drivers Training

Virginia Drivers Training Courses

  • The requirement is seven days they must complete the behind the wheel training and have to observe the practice. They are providing both classroom training and drivers training components of Drivers Ed course once completion of the course.
  • Before the provisional license holder, the person wanted to complete at 45 hours of supervised driving with 15 hours should be finished at night time.

Adults should complete the activities as follows:

  1. They have to finish the minimum number of night training.
  2. I am keeping a log their behind the wheel Practice.
  3. They needed to complete the supervised driving hours.

After completing the driver's Ed and eligible to obtain the learner's permit.  In the six months of training, they provide the pickup and drop facilities also. Available timings for teens, classes offered in 7 days of the week, and they operate in the evening time.

Learner’s Permit
Learners are wanted to apply the Virginia learners permit initially, and this is the first step. If anyone usage of 16 years three months and they can apply for the Virginia driver's license and learner's permit should be for nine months.

Virginia driver’s license

After completing the driving hours and them eligible to apply for the Virginia driver's license.  The application can be submitted to local VA DMV office and current driver's Ed completion certificate.

Also, proof required for 45 hours completion certificate. If anyone completed 18 years or older, they could practice with an adult, and any adult can apply for a driver's license before applying for a learner's permit. Hence there is no need to exercising with the license and taking the classroom training. If the driver's age is 21 or older and he/she has been licensed at least one year. They can also meet the requirements by completing the 50 hours of training. 

Drivers Training Virginia

Fees structure

The cost of driving is varying between the states and cities.   Approximately the institute's collect minimum cost $ 30 and a maximum of $180, and this is for classroom driver training.

For the road, training cost would be $50 to $150 per session. Many of the driving school offer the all-inclusive package between $200 to $800.

Types of Virginia driving license

Class D refers to the automobile license, and it might be issued to people who have completed the 18 years at time license approach and all types of motor vehicles to be registered with MVC.

The Commercial Driver's license classified into three types such as

Class A

Class B

Class C

This type of permit is required for large vehicles, heavy vehicles and buses.

Safety is important wherever we go. Hence the Virginia Rider Training Program is offering a safe program also and Its cost around $170. They teach the basic and experienced rider courses. Classroom instruction and exercises would help drive.


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