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Phone Virus Deletion: Learn How to Get a Virus Off Your Phone

by Toni S.

How to Get a Virus Off Your Phone

This is How to Get a Virus Off Your PhoneIt's not just humans who can be affected by a troublesome virus ... Your phone can also be affected. However, do not panic, there are solutions to protect them and protect yourself at the same time. Do you suspect that your mobile phone has a virus? Is your phone running much slower than it used to? Do you have strange pop-ups opening for no reason? Or receiving text messages out of the blue?

It might be the time to check if your phone has a virus and if so, how to get a virus off your phone. A virus on your phone can cause serious damage because when virus implants itself, it can hold all your confidential information and be hacked or even blackmailed, in an extreme case. Learn more about phone viruses and how do you get it off your phone.

How to Get a Virus Off Your Phone

What is a Phone Virus?

If we use the word virus to include all external attacks that can reach your phone, in truth, there are different types of threats:

Adware - An adware will typically throw unwanted advertisements on your phone, more often than what you usually experience. These ads will be linked to web pages or apps that are hiding a program to trick you. If the adware is on an app, you can be bombarded with unwanted ads on this specific app.

Malware - A malware finds its way to your mobile through a script or a program with the purpose of collecting data from your phone, internet usage, data location, passwords, contacts and sends it to a third party. The malware can include a spyware element.

Spyware - A spyware is a software present on your mobile phone that will allow a person to remotely monitor all activities on your phone. This could include your internet browsing, location of the phone, the photos that you took and store, your contacts, text messages, call history, emails and much more.

Ransomware - A ransomware is a form of malware that encrypts one or several of your files, stealing sensitive data from your phone. It is usually important content or confidential files. A ransom will be asked, and the victim will be guided through instructions for paying the fees to get the encryption key. Ransomware can access your phone through the attached pieces in a fake email that you have trusted or by exploiting security holes. 

Trojan Horse - Trojan horses are disguising themselves behind legitimate software. Once you install the fake application, then can carry out actions on your phone, they can lock-up your phone, spy you, and literally take control of your phone. 
How to Get a Virus Off Your Cell Phone

How do I Get a Phone Virus?

The most common manner to get a virus on your phone is when you download a third-party app, by attached pieces received in a fake email or when opening harmful links in your emails, via text messages or harmful web sites. Both Android and Apple phones can get viruses, even if Apple phones are known to be less likely to have a virus. How can you know that your phone has a virus? These are the symptoms:

Increased data usage - You may notice a sudden increase in data usage, this could mean that a virus is running background tasks on your phone or even using the internet to communicate information present on your phone. 

Adware pop-ups - You notice an increase or a sudden apparition of many pop-ups opening on your phone on your behalf, for no reason, it is a sign your phone has a virus. 
Unknown app - If you notice an app that you don't recall downloading, watch out, this could be a malicious app! It's a common sign of malware on Android phones, and it has to be uninstalled immediately.

Faster battery drain - A malware present on your phone can use a lot of energy which, as a consequence, usage of your battery's energy that drains faster than usual. It can be a sign that your phone has a virus.

App crashing - If it happens that apps crash from time to time, it is more strange when they crash over and over for no apparent reason, it's definitely a sign that a virus is on your phone.

Phone Virus

How to Get a Virus Out of Your Phone?

Both Android smartphones and iPhones can get a virus. The chances are very low for an iPhone, but more important if it has been jailbroken. For an Android phone, the chances are very low but still higher than for an iPhone, especially if you have been downloading an app somewhere else than on the regular Google Play app store.


1- Uninstall dubious apps - If you have a doubt, check the number of downloads and rating on the App Store, be careful not to install apps from third-party stores, as they bypass security measures.

2- Clear browsing history and data - Simply go to Safari in the general settings and clear history and website data. If you use Chrome, open the add, go to settings, then confidentiality and clear browsing data.

3- Restart your iPhone.

4- Restore to a previous backup or as a new device (factory reset). 


An Android phone works slightly differently than an iPhone, as a consequence, the procedure is different.

1- Run a virus scan - Download an anti-virus app, you may find a totally affordable one or opt for a free version, make sure to read comments and check the rating of the app. If a virus or malware is found, you'll be guided to remove them.

2- Uninstall apps using Safe mode - Use your phone in Safe mode (same as on your computer). It will turn off access to all third-party apps. Then, observe if the performances of your phone are getting better, if it does, uninstall the third-party apps that may be responsible manually.

3- Remove administrator access - Go into your Settings, look for Security and tap Device Administrators, here see if any malicious apps have accessed. If so, remove immediately the access, by deactivating or unchecking the box.

4- Restore to factory setting - To restore your phone will erase all data and apps that are installed on your phone. Save your files before you do so!


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