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How to Get a Washington Driver's License

by Toni S.

Washington Drivers Training, Drivers Training Washington

Washington Drivers Training: Behind the Wheel Training and Permit Training

Holding a driver license is essential. In Washington, there are lots of restrictions for getting the permit.  The driver who has the standard license and he wanted to follow the many rules and regulations.

Restrictions of Intermediate

 If the driver age between 15 to 17 than he can apply for a standard license in Washington.

Rules and regulations to be followed:

The very first six months of the training, He/ she is not allowed any passengers while driving, and after six months passengers are restricted for three people.

You are not permitted to drive between 1 am to 5 am for the first 12 months. These restrictions are only except for farm products transportation and supplies.

No cell phone is permitted while driving even if you use the hand free device in the vehicle. This also includes the talking, sending texts, reading texts and taking pictures but in case of any emergency purpose, anyone can use mobile phones.

If drivers fail to follow the rules and regulations his/her license noted as unrestricted Washington driver license.

They issue the warning letters to failure persons if they make the multiple offenses than strictly license marked as unrestricted.

Washington Drivers Training

Basic Necessities

  1. People must have the Washington resident for a minimum period of 16 years.
  2. Not to be convicted for drug and alcohol or any other offense when holding the permit.
  3. Driver training course to be registered and completed.
  4. Needed the Washington instruction permit for 6 months.

Behind wheel training requirements

The permit holders must have the 50 hrs. Of practice log in time, 10 Hrs. Practice supposed to be done at the night time. The trainer must be a ten years license holder for giving the practice.

Need to get permission for driving test with Washington testing station. They evaluate the persons based on the behind wheel examination, and he/she must follow the things as per below.

  • Following traffic signals and rules
  • Traffic area driving
  • Reverse training
  • Indicators to be used while taking a right/Left turn
  • Parallel parking to be performed

Learners permit:
The leading cause for death and injury in Washington is due to car crashes as per the report from the department of licensing. To avoid such accidents, the graduated license training program is given to drivers who are applying for license considering the age and experience before getting a driver license.

Drivers Training Washington

Types of Washington driving licenses:

Driver having experience in operating a non-commercial passenger vehicle can be issued with a basic non-commercial driver license.

Washington driver's license needs no to be from the same state. Drivers with a minimum of 5 years of experience and having a valid license are allowed to drive a vehicle under 26001 pounds.

For 16-17 years old people, intermediate driving license is available, and by following the specific restrictions, they can drive.

Class A – For the type of vehicle with a gross combined weight rating greater than 26k lbs. And the total vehicle weight rating of the vehicle transported above 10K lbs.

Class B – For the type of vehicle with a gross combined weight rating greater than 26k lbs. And the total vehicle weight rating of the car transported below 10K lbs.

Class C – Vehicles are carrying more than or equal to 16 persons including driver or vehicles carrying hazardous materials with weight lower than or equal to 26001 pounds. This type of license requires personal acceptance.

Driver licenses – Person can drive a vehicle with weight under 26001 pounds and not applicable to motorcycles or commercial vehicles

Motorcycles license – For those who drive a motorcycle

Enhanced driver license:  Signifies your identity and citizenship. Can be used instead of a passport for the persons who are re-entering/cross the borders to the U.S through land or sea.


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