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West Virginia Death Records: How to Find Death Records in West Virginia?

by Anne S.

West Virginia Death Records Search, West Virginia Death Records

West Virginia Death Records: How to Find Death Records in West Virginia

The West Virginia Department of Health & Human Resources has jurisdiction over the Vital Registration Office. The latter preserves, as well as, issues all death records for those people who died in the state of West Virginia. However, a copy of the death certificate is not made available to all people and there are restrictions on who can access them. Also, it is important to point out that the Vital Registration Office preserves these records from 1917 to the present.

Search West Virginia death records online

If you wish to view the original death record online, it is possible to do so as the Vital Research Records Project has been placing vital records such as marriage, birth, and West Virginia death records online. A user can search the vital records and also view scanned images of an original death record online. The user has to choose a record type that he/she wants to search (Out of birth, death, and marriage record types). The search page offers options to input the search criteria to view the desired death record.

West Virginia Death Records Search
However, a certified copy of a death record can be only procured from either the Vital Registration Office of West Virginia or the issuing county. 

People eligible to request death certificates in West Virginia:

1. Parents of the dead person
2. Grandparents
3. Brother or sister of the deceased
4. Adult grandchildren
5. Adult children
6. An individual having a tangible interest in a death certificate
7. Spouse
8. Funeral director
9. The deceased’s authorized legal representative or for his/her family

To procure death records in West Virginia, a person has to furnish quite a lot of information such as the deceased’s name, the date, and place of death, the relationship of the person to the deceased, reason for the request, and the dead person’s gender.

West Virginia Death Records

The process to obtain a copy of a death certificate in West Virginia

There are various ways to choose from for procuring a copy of public death records West Virginia. Let us look at them one by one:

1. In-person

You have to visit the nearest Vital Registration Office in-person to apply for a copy of the death record. Fill up the relevant application form and submit the same with a copy of your photo ID proof and pay a fee of 12 USD.

2. By mail

It is the second way to request death records in West Virginia. To make your request via mail, fill up the relevant application and mail it along with your photo ID copy and a check or a pay order as the processing fee. The mail should be sent to the Registration Room in Charleston, West Virginia.

3. By phone/fax/online

The Department of Health & Human Resources in West Virginia has entered into a partnership with VitalChek, which is an independent organization to process a request for a death record online, by fax, or over the phone. You can request death records online in West Virginia apart from by fax or over the phone. For doing so, you have to first go to the portal of VitalChek. Once you are on their website, make your online request for West Virginia death records by following the instructions mentioned there. You have to also pay the stipulated fee as the processing charge.

Apart from choosing any of the above-mentioned ways to procure copies of these public records in West Virginia, it is also possible to procure the death records of the state through certain online public databases.


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