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How to Get a Wyoming Driver's License

by Billy T. K.

Wyoming Drivers Training, Drivers Training Wyoming

Wyoming Driver Training: Behind the wheel Training and Permit Training

A person residing in Wyoming must have a valid driving license to drive in Wyoming legally. To drive a car, truck or any vehicle in Wyoming, driving license is issued by the state only to those who can exhibit their ability to drive while their evaluation of driving tests. Every state has restricted rules and regulations while providing a driving license either to an individual or commercial license. In Wyoming, driving license is issued by the Driver Services Program of Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT).

Licensing rules in Wyoming –

  • First driver’s license –Learners trying to obtain the first driver's license must pass various eligibility criteria of age and documents. Applicants must pass the driving examination tests which include vision screening, written driving knowledge test and driving skills test. If you are under 18, your application needs to be co-signed and released by your parents or legal guardian, as applicable.
  • Instruction permit -If you are 15 years of age, you can enroll for obtaining instruction permit in Wyoming. And then you can start learning driving skills by enrolling yourself in a Driver Education course. The instruction permit applicant should pass the vision screening and driving knowledge test to obtain the permit. If you have completed an approved Driving education course and are of 16 years of age, you can get limited driving privileges. The instruction permit applicant must always be accompanied by a valid license holder of 18 or above years of age in the front seat while driving.
Wyoming Drivers Training
  • Intermediate License -If you are 16, you can obtain your intermediate license if you have a restricted class C license and has completed 50 hours of behind the wheel training including 10 hours of night driving, certified by your parent or instructor. Intermediate license holders must not drive between 11:00 pm and 5:00 am.
  • Full driving privileges -You can enjoy full driving rights in Wyoming if you have attained 17 years of age and presented a certificate for completion of your Driver Education Course.
  • Age restricted instruction permit – It may be applicable for applicants of 14 -15 years in age and such applicants must live five miles from their school or workplace. Restricted grant only allows driving between 5:00 am to 8:00 pm and within 50 miles of the license holder’s residence.


  • Primary ID (e.g., state-certified birth certificate, valid U.S. passport, Certificate of Naturalization).
  • Secondary ID(health insurance card, employer photo ID, Social Security Card )
  • Social Security Number
  • Enrolment Certificate in Driver Education Course if you are below 16
  • Your parent and legal Guardian must be present if you are under 18
Drivers Training Wyoming

Various driving tests you may have to pass for obtaining a license are –

  • Vision screening -The applicant may be asked to wear glasses or lenses to drive safely if required. A person must have 20/40 acuity with both eyes, both with or without eyeglasses. Along with a combined horizontal field vision of at least 120 degrees.
  • Written tests– These may include questions regarding traffic laws, safe driving practices and drug and alcohol laws and effects.
  • Driving test -The applicant will have to show his driving skills and ability to the examiner, who will be sitting beside you in the car. Your examiner will tell you the route where to perform and may ask you to show a few driving maneuvers.

License renewal -
An existing license holder above the age of 21 can renew his license within 120 days of his expiration period whereas license of those under 21, should be restored within 90 days of its expiration date.


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