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How to Create a Gif with GIPHY?

by Kelly B.

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How to Create a Gif with GIPHY

GIFs or graphics interchange format has become one of the most common forms of online gestures. All of us have come across GIFs on blogs, social media posts and on various other online platforms. Today GIFs are popular enough to have their own search engines. When used in the right context, GIFs have the potential to become instantly viral or increase the popularity of any kind of content.

A GIF is nothing but a very short looping animation. The file originally is an image file which is turned into a GIF by adding many more images together and creating an animation. GIFs are typically only a couple seconds long and they use a compression algorithm known as LZW encoding which not only allows for smaller file size but also makes it easy for storing or sending/receiving. The first image quickly follows the last image of the file creating a looping animation.

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Functions of GIFs

GIFs are commonly used for their entertainment value and make constant appearances in various threads or comment sections in social media. They are also often used to make humorous or jibing statements. They can be creatively used for conveying complex reactions or for explaining ideas in a creative and fun manner. GIF has become extremely popular in recent times, with the Oxford dictionary naming it as the word of the year in 2012. GIF art has also emerged into the scene with many young artists and graphic designers showcasing their work through the medium of such short animations. The Museum of Moving Images in New York showcase the works of various artists who work with the GIF format.

History of the GIF format

The GIF format was first invented in the year 1987 by Steve Wilhite at Compuserve. The format has become polar ever since and a raging online debate has ensued over the correct pronunciation of the word GIF. Some members of the online community in pronouncing it with a hard G has in gift while others stress that the correct way to pronounce it is "jif." While the Oxford dictionary accepts both the pronunciations, the creator of the format himself has confirmed that the right way to say, it is "jif."

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What is GIPHY

Needless to say with the growing popularity of GIFs, there was a demand for an easy way to access GIFs with relevant content. That’s where GIPHY comes in with its search engine capabilities. GIPHY is basically a search engine for GIFs. Users can go the website and enter their preferred search content and view GIFs relevant to the search terms. The results are an abundance of looping animations with no background sounds.

Creating a GIF on the GIPHY webpage is an extremely simple process. On the top right-hand corner of the website one can locate the create option. One needs to simply drop in the Youtube link, URL of the video or the file and it is ready for editing. The user can then go about the video file selecting the appropriate portions for the GIF. The start and end time can be specified and there is an option bar for modifying the duration of the gif.

After the GIF has been successfully made, it can be shared across multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. GIFs can be made from any kind of video even those captured using a webcam. While there are numerous websites such as  GIPHY that allow people to make their own GIFs, the advanced users often prefer Photoshop due to its inexhaustible capabilities.


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