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How to Handle Being in Love with Two People?

by Rhon A.

Being in Love with Two People, In Love with Two People

I Am In Love with Two People, What Should I Do?

Currently, with the introduction of technology and social media, it is becoming much easier to connect with individuals. Different types of applications offer immediate connectivity to interact with different types of people. This presents the opportunity to let different types of people enter our lives that might be more suited to our tastes. In such circumstances, it becomes more difficult to understand who might be the correct individual for us when there are so many people that match our attitude. It is crucial to understand our feelings and having a better comprehension over which steps to take next that leads a more prosperous personal life.

Seven indicators that you might be in love with two people

Panic: When you are already invested in a single individual and you start to feel a sense of panic when another person starts showing more interest in you.

Being in Love with Two People

Day Dreaming: Becoming more self-aware that you are actively daydreaming about more than one individual.

Confusion: You are always in a dilemma about whom to choose when it comes to spending time and doing quality activities, which you find worthwhile.

Romantic Thoughts: If you are starting to project, certain erotic or romantic thoughts, which you might want with a single partner then this, might be another sign.

Feeling Overwhelmed: When you start to feel overwhelmed at the thought of thinking about two different individuals together in your life.It is extremely important for there to be certainty in such scenarios as commitment and intimacy play an important role in the lives of concerned partners and oneself. An individual in accordance with their lifestyle, attitude, and relationship with another individual can take several steps.

Analyzing Your Situation: Different types of individuals have different types of needs. An individual might values that are inclined towards monogamy, polygamy, open, casual or others. It is important to understand what kind of value you possess. In accordance with your values, it will be much easier to approach the circumstance, in which you are present. Mentally you might be only want something, which is casual in nature. It is imperative that such feelings are communicated with both the parties you are interested in so that your own levels of anxiety are minimized and a bridge of communication can be established.

Similarly, you might be a traditional person who wishes for there to be monogamy within his or her life. In such a circumstance, choosing one partner over another becomes a more important decision to take. Aspects such as romantic intimacy, a positive mental attitude of the partner, and other aspects must be considered when choosing one individual over another.

In Love with Two People
Navigating Your Relationship: You might be already in a relationship with a single individual and you might want to be involved with another individual as well. It is important to note if you and your partner have feelings of polygamy or monogamy. In the event that you may want to be polygamous, it is important to express such desires to your current partner and if he is against such actions. Communication is the key through which problems can be eliminated. If the partner expresses interest in going forward with the circumstances then they can be welcomed.

Otherwise, it is necessary to create your own path in which you might find happiness and a much more fulfilling relationship. This can be done by meeting new people and connecting with individuals that are already present in your life. As per the current standards of society, it is much more acceptable to be involved in the monogamous relationship since it helps in building a more prosperous traditional family system. However, with changing times, individual attitudes and openness are changing as well, which gives more weight to polygamous relationships as well. It all comes back to understanding what you want and how you are going to get it through communication.


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