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What Makes a Good Relationship? Find Out!

by Keren P.

Good Relationship, Positive Relationship

Tips for Developing a Positive Relationship

How you interact with people always will make an impression on them. Being positive increases your chance of getting accepted as a person. To be successful, you must learn the art of getting along with everyone. As a part of it, you need to learn how you can build a better and conducive relationship with everyone around you.

Here are eight tips that will help you accomplish just that:

1. Empathy – All great leaders in the world will tell you how empathy had helped them in some way to get ahead. Be a good person, empathize with others, it naturally builds trust in your abilities to handle any type of crisis. Though our tasks are daunting and may get overwhelming at times, empathy can always save the day for you.

2. Patience – As says the wise patience is a virtue. Never rush people into anything, let them take their time. Be stern, not restless. Then you have a better chance of yielding success. When you are part of a conversation, do participate instead of just listening, hear them out. Offer your two cents, you never know, it can change their life. And for sure they will stay forever grateful to you.

Good Relationship

3. Give respect - If you want respect then be sure to give it to others. There is no point in belittling others. Make sure that you are polite in your manners and hold humility in high regards. A respectful relationship between two humans is the most positive relationship. Mutual adoration not only will promote harmony but might lead to successful collaborations as well.

4. Embrace differences – You must have met different people from all sorts of background and educational status. No matter the racial, religious, ethnic or any kind of divide, remember that each of us is humans first. Embrace the differences, build a culture of amalgamation of the best that humans have to offer. Even when it comes to decision-making, take into account opinions that are different from yours. Only then you can reach the undisputed height of success.

5. No room for fakeness – Being genuine all the time may not be possible in a professional set-up. But by being true to your cause and not hurting anybody, stay genuine and hold your opinion as it is. You do not have to be a people pleaser; everyone is going to respect and pay attention to what you have got to say. But you must not be arrogant or defensive in approach. Be sure to accept mistakes, but stick to what you believe in.

Positive Relationship

6. Be more trusting – If you want to earn trust, then you must become trusting. Once you delegate some task, make it a point not to interfere with the constant updates on the task. Let the person responsible for the task deliver. It will evoke confidence in not just the person entrusted with the duty, but you will also get the best possible result as the person concerned will never want to break your trust.

7. Take responsibility – Whatever commitments you make or statements you say must be true. Lead by example. If you take responsibility on your shoulders make sure you accomplish it. It will lead people to look up to you. In no time you will be a role model for many.

8. Show appreciation – The way you expect to be thanked for any help you extend, remember so does the others. So, thank anyone who offers or helps you out. Do not forget even the little things. Thanking people for their thoughts, gestures and actions always help to build positive relationships.

As you can see a little change in attitude is all that is required. Being positive doesn’t hurt anybody. Instead, it increases your likeability to succeed.


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