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iPhone App Lock: The Full Guide!

by Garry S.

iPhone App Lock, How to Lock Apps on iPhone

How to Lock Apps on Any iPhone!

We all have apps on our phones that serve a wide range of purposes, which is great. However, to serve us, most apps do require basic personal information. Some of them even give out your information, if you aren’t careful.

For instance, you wouldn’t want your Facebook app being accessed by someone.

So, how do you go about making sure that your apps aren’t easily accessible to strangers or even those friends and family members who like to invade your privacy or play pranks?

Well, you could lock your more sensitive apps. However, that’s a feature that only Android offers. If you’ve got an iPhone, your only option is to lock your phone, which isn’t good enough.

However, the good news is there are a few tricks that you can use to lock individual apps on your iPhone. We’ve discussed those tricks below. So, take a look and try them out.

iPhone App Lock
Lock First-Party Apps Using Restrictions

You can try using restrictions to remove first-party apps from the home screen. It’s a simple app lock trick that works on all iPhones. However, it’s limited to first-party apps. If you don’t know what a first-party app is, it’s an app that’s made by Apple and not an “outside” app developer.

Anyway, to use the restrictions feature, go to “Settings” from your home screen and tap on “General.” Then, scroll down to “Restrictions” and tap on it. After that, tap on “Enable.” When you do this, you’ll be asked to enter a passcode. Do that and confirm it.

Once that’s done, you’ll be presented with a range of options. For starters, you’ll see the “Allow” sub-heading, under which, you can choose to allow or disallow some of the first-party apps, such as Siri, FaceTime, or Safari.


To disallow, all you have to do is swipe the green toggle icon to the left. This will prevent the app from showing up on the home screen. However, the catch is, the disallowed apps won’t be accessible even to you.

So, technically speaking, this is an app-removal method and to use the app, you’ll have to keep going back and choosing to “Allow” the app. The process is complicated, but it works if you want absolute privacy.

You can also set parental controls while you’re here. Just scroll down to the “Allowed Content” sub-heading, and you’ll see the various parental control options.

Additionally, you can use the “Privacy” sub-heading to prevent changes from being carried out to your privacy settings.

How to Lock Apps on iPhone
Lock Apps with Guided Access

Guided Access is a feature that prevents users from switching to another app. This is a good feature for people with kids. If you don’t want your kids to use certain apps, just use Guided Access. That way, your child won’t be able to access any app other than the one he/she is allowed to.

To enable this, go to “Settings” and tap “General.” Next, tap “Accessibility” and scroll down to “Guided Access.” Swipe the green toggle switch towards “On.” Then, tap “Passcode Settings” and enter your passcode.

Voila! Guided access is now enabled. To activate the feature, just open the necessary app and press the home bottom thrice. On the iPhone X, press the side button thrice.

When you do this, you can draw a circle around the areas on the screen that you don’t want to be accessed.

You can also click the options button at the bottom-right corner to disable everything and set a time limit for the guided access session.

If you have touch-ID, just use that to end the session instead of a passcode. This can be enabled by following the steps above and toggling the “Touch ID” switch to “On” after tapping on “Passcode Settings.”

These are just a couple of examples to help you out. There are other options. For instance, you can use third-party apps designed to lock apps individually. However, this will require jailbreaking your phone.

Anyway, try out the above-mentioned methods and tell us what you think!



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