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How to Log Off Facebook Messenger Easily!

by Peggy B.

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How to Log Out of Facebook Messenger?

If you want to know the methods of logging out of your Facebook Messenger, this article will come in handy. You can log out of your Facebook Messenger on Android by logging out of your Messenger session through the Facebook App. Another method is to clear the data of your Messenger app from your phone’s settings.

1. From your Facebook app, log out of your Messenger session

In case your handset has the Messenger app, there is a high likelihood of the availability of Facebook app too. Go to your Facebook app from your Android phone, choose the More button and then select Settings and Privacy. You can see your Account settings, as well as, security over there.

Go to Security and choose Security and log in. A section known as Where you’re logged in can be seen then. Simply choose the Messenger session. Tap on Log Out next.

2. Go to device Settings and clear the data of your Messenger app

Go to your Android phone’s Settings for logging out of the Facebook Messenger.

Ø If the app is open, close it. Remove it from your most current app list. Else the method will not be successful.

Ø Go to Application Manager or Apps in Settings. Then, keep scrolling down until Messenger is visible.

Ø Select this and scroll down to see Storage.

Ø Once Storage is open, choose Clear data. You will also come across an option called Clear Cache that should be used to.

Facebook Messenger
If you now tap on your Facebook Messenger again, you will find that you cannot login automatically like before and have to supply your credentials.

There is a handy tip that can be noted in this context. In case, a person wants to take your device to get an update on their Facebook message, and you have not logged out, they can simply tap on Switch Account and log into their account.  

3. Logging out from your Messenger app via the Facebook site

It is possible to log out of Android or iOS Messenger apps through the Facebook site directly from the browser of your mobile phone or personal computer. Open on your browser and then choose Settings from the site’s top right drop-down menu. Tap on Security and Login nextSearch the Messenger session to be logged out of, go to those three dots and click on Log Out.

4. Logging out of your Messenger from your iOS device

Go to your Facebook app. We are suggesting you go to the Facebook app of your iOS app instead of going to Messenger. Next, tap on the More button that you can see on the screen’s bottom right.

Go to Settings and tap on Account Settings and then choose Security. Nest, in your Security menu, choose Where you’re logged in.  After you have opened it, all the active sessions of your Facebook account can be managed across any mobile phone, browser, or device. Simple end the session that you see as Facebook Messenger on iOS followed by the iOS version your iPhone has.

How to Log Off Facebook Messenger
When you open Facebook Messenger the next time from your iPhone, you will find that your account has been logged out. You will get a prompt o log in with the same credentials or can even go for the switch account option.

While these techniques to log out of your Facebook Messenger account can appear to be slightly irritating, they are effective. It seems Facebook would like to have the logout process like how it is, at least for the time being.  Incidentally, the decision of Facebook to create a separate app for its Messenger had its share of supporters, as well as, detractors.


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