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How to Make a Body Pillow for a Perfect Night's Sleep

by Peggy B.

Body Pillow, How to Make Your Own Body Pillow

How to Make a Body Pillow for a Perfect Night's Sleep

A body pillow is a pillow which is long and narrow, and it is supposed to be cradled between your legs while you sleep on your side. A body pillow's main purpose is to improve the alignment of your spine as well as help in relieving pressure points. They’re also phenomenally comfortable to use. You’ll soon start taking your body pillow with you wherever you stay because of how comfortable they are.

Buying a body pillow can be expensive. Fortunately, they are quite easy to make. Let us take a look at how you can make your very own body pillow.

You will need –

  • 2 yards of any fabric you’d like to use
  • Pillow filling
  • Measuring tape
  • A sewing machine with matching thread
  • An ironing board and an iron too
  • A pair of scissors
  • Some fabric you can use for the cover
  • Closure of your choice

Body Pillow

1. Decide how long you’d like your body pillow to be – After deciding how long you’d like your body pillow to be, add an extra inch to be used for the seams. Next, fold one of the ends which are short. Fold ½ an inch and iron it.

2. Sew three of the sides – Make sure the end that you’ve ironed is facing you and then fold the material in half lengthwise. Remember to turn it the wrong side out because no stitching should be visible on the outside. Continue by using your sewing machine to sew the folded sheet across the end which is long and the short-end which isn’t ironed using a ½ inch seam. Leave the short end which is ironed open for the filling. If you don’t have a sewing machine you can still make a body pillow by using the backstitch at the beginning and end.

3. Stuff the pillow – Next, turn the shell the right-side out and make sure the sewn edges are on the inside. Feel free to use any material whether it is new or recycled to fill your pillow. Remember to not fill the pillow too much because you want to be able to hug it. Test it a couple of times to make sure it’s comfortable and not too firm.

4. Close the pillow by sewing it – Once you’ve stuffed the pillow, stitch the ironed edge by using a ¼ inch seam. It will be extremely helpful to ask someone to help you by supporting the other end while you sew. If you attempt to do this alone, it will be difficult because it is a long pillow. Do it with a sewing machine or do it by hand with the help of an invisible prick stitch.

Pregnancy Body Pillow

5. The pillow cover - Now you need to make a pillow cover. You will need to use a fabric that should measure three inches wider as well as five inches longer than your body pillow. Iron one of the short sides by using a ¼ inch seam to the wrong side and then another two inches. Before you begin stitching the side seams, remember to unfold two inches. Fold the case the wrong side out and follow up by stitching the un-ironed short end as well as the long end by using the backstitch so that it stays put. You're almost done, fold the two-inch ironed end to the wrong side and stitch it. Turn the case to the right side up and finish up by adding a closure of your choice.

And that's it. You've saved a lot of money as well as made a body pillow which is truly yours and one of a kind.


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