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How to Make a Playlist on Spotify?

by Peggy B.

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The Easy Guide for Creating a Spotify Playlist

Is there a party this weekend? Need some tunes to keep the good times rolling? Do you end up spending hours trying to build the perfect playlist for your party? You will never have to spend time creating another playlist again. Just follow these steps.

Wouldn't you love a party with music that has everyone reaching for Shazam? Imagine a party where your guests ignore the music until someone reaches for the Bluetooth speaker. Spotify empowers you to build fun and customized playlists like "quiet ppl" and "groovy hipsters".

A great place where Spotify playlists come in handy is Ubers and Lyfts. Many Uber and Lyft drivers have over 45,000 Spotify followers based off of their public playlists that gently play on stereotypes without being offensive. These drivers' success has brought about so many opportunities making them quit driving to seek out music marketing and promotion.

So the potential is out there in making great playlists. But how does one get started?

create spotify playlist

Creating a New Playlist on Spotify

If you want to make a playlist on Spotify with your favorite songs, here is what you need to do:

1. Click of the Spotify app in your phone to launch it

2. Go to the bottom right corner of the app and tap on "Your Library"


3. Then, tap on "Playlists"

4. At the bottom of the page, tap "Create Playlist"

5. Choose a name for the new Spotify playlist and type it in

6. Tap "Create"

7. At the top of the list, tap on the new playlist you created

Spotify Playlist

8. To search for songs for the playlist, tap "Browse"

9. Type in the names of the songs/albums you want to add to your Spotify playlist

10. Next to the song or album title you will find a 'more' icon (three dots)

11. Tap " Add to Playlist"

How to Make a Playlist on Spotify

12. To add more songs and albums to your playlist, repeat steps 9-11 until you get the playlist you want

Select songs that have staying power

If you feel you would be using your playlist over and over again, stick to long-term delights and not those tunes you’d want to get rid of after a few plays. A few songs are great to listen for a short time, but listening to them over and over makes them lose their spark. Try finding a middle ground between songs which make them compelling in the short term but also a few long-term songs which might be timeless. Imagine Fleetwood Mac against Gorillaz in a playlist. 

Seek out new genres

Music tends to repeat itself. Chord progression remains the formula of music on the radio now as it was 30 years ago. This evolution has taken place from iconic structures in classic genres. When observing a song's roots could present insights into music which follows a similar structure with the potential to be compelling to the same audiences, even if on the surface they might be different.

Moods are much more powerful over traditional genres. As playlists continue to grow in popularity, you start noticing people drifting towards and labeling something like "white noise" as a genre. Uber drivers usually know their playlist is working when their passengers go through silent head bobbing.


Seek out new music

The best places to find great sounding new music is in crowds of people. Any event you attend in the past three years, including shows and house parties, you can notice strong emotional responses people receive when certain songs come on. Thanks to platforms like Shazam you can discover new music with ease. All you need is the app and a smartphone.

A lot of us find our new music online. A lot of us would’ve spent our childhood on sites like Pandora and MySpace. Once artists become Spotify celebrities they can submit a few hundred songs to the site each week that can take up your discovery time. Find curators like yourself and follow them to listen to new music faster. Read curators’ bios – they’re interesting and say a lot about the kind of music they listen to. Don’t forget to follow your friends and their playlists.

Switch it up

When people tend to not feel a playlist, mix things up. If it’s late at night and heavy metal isn’t your scene at this time, turn on some nu disco to change the mood. Uber drivers know how to tell and set the mood by how their passengers react to the music being played. Instead of sitting around wondering what happens next, changing the music sets the tone for a great ride and a 5-star rating.


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