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Apple Store Appointment: Learn How to Make One!

by Eddie V.

Apple Store Appointment, Apple Store

How to Make an Apple Store Appointment Using the Apple Store Application

Whether it's the first time that you are using an Apple product, or you're a veteran Mac and iOS user, it's a common issue that your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or other Apple Product may not work or behave as expected and you need to make an appointment at your local Apple Store. Figure out how to do that is difficult. You need to set up an appointment at an Apple Store with those Apple Geniuses. When Your device has issues, do not panic, because there are many different ways to fix your issues.

You can look for information right on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac; search iMore's how-to guides, or contact Apple for additional help. The Apple store app has made making an appointment at your local Apple Store's Genius Bar harder. It used to be a reasonably straightforward process, but now, it has a lot more steps. Instead of just making the simple phone call or pressing a button online, you need to jump through some hoops to make an appointment. So here we go!

Apple Store Appointment

Here are the steps involved in making an appointment at the Apple store:

1. Log in
First, you need to install the Apple Store App to Log into your Apple account to make an Apple Store appointment. You must have an Apple account to make an appointment. You can Tap on the Stores menu at the bottom of the app. After that, you can tap the Genius Bar menu to create a Reservation.

2. Identify your location
After you’ve mad a reservation, you can select what product you need help with, whether it is a Mac, iPod, iPhone, watch, iTunes, Apple iPad. Tap your selection and continue. The app will use your location to find the closest Apple Stores to you. You can also look for stores by using your city, zip code, or on a map. Apple Support lists the nearest providers to your current location and that store’s availability–tap on a provider to choose that location. After that, you can click and select the store at which you want to make your appointment.

Apple Store

3. Confirm the Date and Time of your appointment
With the store that you selected, you'll get help. You can confirm and add the date and time of the appointment through the following steps. - Firstly, choose a year for the meeting. Use the slider which is located on top of the screen. Then, slide it right and left to find the date you want and click on it. - Secondly, after you select the date, the app will show you the times that are available at that Apple Store for your Genius Bar appointment.

You can swipe up and down to review them. Select the time that you want by tapping on the time. After you've selected the date and time, the app will take you to the appointment confirmation screen. It shows you a list of what you might need help with, the timing of your appointment, and where you'll go for help. Tap the Back button which is on the top left to make any changes.  If you want to add any more information regarding your problem/issue so the Genius can better prepare to help you, click on "Add a comment to my reservation." When you're ready to confirm your appointment, tap Reserve in the top right, until you do that, you do not have a confirmed date. 

Once you click on the time slot, your reservation confirms automatically. You will receive an email from the store that will confirm your appointment details. Typically, you can reserve an appointment up to 2 weeks in advance. You can click the "Manage Reservations" tab in your account to view, change, or cancel the reservation. To check status, press the Account button in the bottom menu Find appointments and Case ID information here as well as options to check your Apple Care Coverage and Warranty information and expiration dates


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