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How to Make Slideshow with Flipagram

by Norman G.

Flipagram, How to Make a Slideshow with Flipagram

How to Make Slideshow with Flipagram

Flipagram is an app provided by Apple for its iPhones. The main function of Flipagram is that it allows users to create a small video or slideshow of all their photos. Flipagram is only present for iPhone users and can also be linked to Instagram profiles for selecting pictures.

Flipgram has only one major function that is to create slideshows from selected images and share it other iPhone users on Flipagram. Flipagram can take images from the camera gallery present on the phone or the users can select images from the Instagram profile. Users can also upload short videos on the app and can manually set the time for the entire video in order to space each image evenly. Users can also choose to play a background score with their slideshows and can even select the parts of the track that is to be played in the background. After the preferred images have been selected, users are provided with an option to select music from their library.

Using Flipagram users can choose to share their slideshows and videos on multiple platforms such as Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and email or export it directly to the camera roll on their iPhones. All the slideshows that have been created using Flipagram are present in the main menu of the app right below the option for starting a new slideshow. This makes it extremely simple to access old projects and photos that have been edited and combined.


Creating slideshows using Flipagram

Making slideshows or “video stories” using Flipagram is an extremely simple process. Flipagram accesses the photo and video albums of the user and allows them to pick and choose their pictures and video. Mentioned below are some simple steps for making video stories and shorts using Flipagram.

  • Select all the images from selected sources such as camera roll and Instagram and arrange them in the preferred order.
  • Select 60 seconds of musical track from songs present in the phone’s own library. The track can be taken from any section of the music.
  • Apply the necessary filters and effects on the photos to enhance their aesthetic quality and appeal.
  • Once editing has been done, various captions can be added, users can be tagged or hashtags can be assigned.
  • The created slideshow project can be shared with Instagram followers or can be sent privately as personal messages. Once the last step of tagging and adding captions has been completed, a new popup opens up which allows users to share their slideshow across multiple online platforms.
Flipagram app

iPhone users who are active and familiar with Instagram and Vines will have no problem in getting their heads around this app. The intuitive menu at the bottom allows users to go through various settings such as home feed, search tab, camera tab, profiles, and notifications. Once users have successfully logged in to the app, Flipagram presents a list of suggested followers and users who can be connected with. Users can like, repost and share content on Flipagram just like any other social media application. The search tab allows people to take a look at viral and trending topics and connect with hashtags relevant to their interests. Flipagram also has its own music library which offers more than 40 million music tracks to select from and has fun and interactive themes such as dance, art, beauty, comedy, and others. The newest feature called the “emoji beatbrush” allows users to add various kinds of emojis to their drawings which can dance to the rhythm of the music that is being played in the background.


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