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Treasuring Memories: how to Make Slideshows on iPhone and iPad

by Billy T.K.

Slideshow App, How to Make a Slideshow on iPhone

Treasuring Memories: how to Make Slideshows on iPhone and iPad

Memories are nothing but slideshows that users of iPhone and iTab can make share them on multiple online platforms. Making memories have become an extremely popular medium across multiple social media and digital platforms. It allows people to stack multiple pictures and videos and create a slideshow.

Creating memories on iPhones and iPads are a dynamic process and it doesn’t require much effort from the side of users to create them. The users only need to be aware of their holidays and destinations, the dates of images and the location they prefer for creating their own memories.

Creating memories on iPhones and iPads

Memories can be created by directly going to photos app. There is a separate memories option present in this app that allows users to create memories. Upon selecting the memories tab, the  “add new”  button that allows users to create immediately get started with creating their own memories. The memories options also show the user the memories that have been created dynamically so far by the iPhone or iPad on its own. This memory tab doesn’t actually allow users to selectively create their memories and only allows the editing and sharing of the dynamical memories.

Slideshow App

Creating memories based on day, month, year or vacations

Users are not just restricted to creating dynamic memories assorted by their devices. In order to create custom memories, users need to exit the memories tab under the photos app. The various steps for creating own personal memories are mentioned below.

  • Memories created on the basis of days, weeks or months can be created by going to the Photos which is present at the bottom-left section of the screen. The Photos app arranges the photos based on time and location. There are several layers to this arrangement. The first layer categorizes the photos on the basis of a year the second layer arranges photos based on dates and locations. The third and the last layer, called “moments” are set by the user based on the time and occasion.
  • Selecting each layer takes the user to that category. For example, selecting the first layer will show the photos taken year wise. Memories can be created using by tapping on the label of the year instead of selecting the year directly. This will open up dynamically created memories for that year.
  • Typically photos are categorized according to the years. The subsequent layers allow for the categorization and selection of photos based on months, specific dates and locations. This makes it extremely easy for users of iPhone and iPads pick vacations and holiday destinations. Users can also choose to add their own customized labels for creating these memories.
  • The final layer of categorization allows for the selection of photos on the basis of individual days. Users can sort and select pictures from individual days and can craft a memory that can be shared easily.
Slideshow on iPhone

Memories utilize the slideshow format given by Flipagram. But in Flipagram the user has the freedom to create any kind of slideshow by selecting random images, in creating memories from the Photos app, the pictures that are selected usually follow each other in a chronological order. The format of memories has become immensely popular and multiple social media platforms have adopted this format. While the format of memories may not be descriptive or “long-form”, it is impactful and allows people to curate their pictures and videos in the form a relatable slideshow. Traveling and holidaying will never be the same with his app and users can create and share their memories with friends and family members.


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