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How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work!

by Kelly B.

Long Distance Relationship, How to Make Long Distance Relationship Work

Long distance relationships tips

Relationships can be tricky, as most people in serious relationships would agree. Being with another human being and maintaining a certain level of happiness is not impossible but yes it does take a certain amount of effort. The better the relationship is, the more two people understand each other, the less you need to exert yourself to maintain it. But even the closest and the best of relationships need some work. And long distance relationships need slightly more.

Many of us have lived through the experience of having the loved one located in another country, another city, another state, sometimes in another continent altogether. Although it might seem like an impossible situation at times and require slightly more work, many couples maintain long distance relationships with great success. What is their secret then? How do they bridge the distance with intimacy and keep love alive in spite of the difference in not only latitudes and longitudes but sometimes different time zones altogether? Let’s have a look at some simple pointers which keeps the hearts fonder even with miles in between.

Long Distance Relationship

Co-ordinate your Schedules

It is understandable that both of you have your own lives and schedules. It is also a fact that love cannot be fitted into convenient time slots for us to approach it when at other times we live a semi-single life. But communication is always better when it takes into account both of your conveniences. Figure out when both of you are relaxed, free and ready for a little romance. Also please remember that every couple is unique.

There is no set number of times or no given set routine to tell you how many times you should communicate with each other and at what intervals. That is entirely for you to figure out. Some couples prefer short communications spread throughout the day, while others like to come home from work, relax and be comfortable before making that single long skype call to their partners. It all depends on the tempo of your relationship and what sort of people you are. However, it should happen at a pace which is convenient for both of you. To have this talk freely to each other and find out exactly what works best for you.


Understand the scope

Maybe you are thinking of a long distance relationship, maybe you have already embarked on one. In either case be sure to recognize it for the amazing opportunity that it is rather than a painful compulsion. Long distance relationships allow you the space to understand exactly what the other person means to you.

How important is it for you to keep in touch and keep the romance alive with somebody you will not see anytime soon.  Also, the modes of communication are different which the both of you will probably explore together. Thus you are on a journey of discovery and learning new things. Embrace this opportunity to know more about each other and yourselves too; most couples are not given this scope.

How to Make Long Distance Relationship Work

Technology to the Rescue

We have moved long past the days of longhand written letters and expensive phone calls. Technology has made it easier for people to stay in touch today than it was even twenty years ago. With Skype, Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp you can talk and see you partner, even a partner is a far away geographical location, with greater ease now than you have been able to, any time in history. Make these communications interesting and detailed. When you talk about your day, go into the little details so that your partner can be a part of your day to day existence without being physically present there.

In a nutshell, long-distance relationships can take a bit of work, but they can turn out to be more rewarding than you imagine.

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