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How to Make a Paper Plane!

by Malik R.

How to Make a Paper Plane, How to Make Paper Plane

How To Make A Paper Plane

We have all grown up making paper boats and paper planes. It's a skill that we learn very early on. Just like riding a bike, skipping stones and tying our shoelaces. It is something that can be passed on from an adult to a child. The paper plane that most of us learnt how to fold was called a dart plane. It is a simple model to fold even if you don't know any origami.

Here are a few designs that you can follow to make a paper plane.

1. The Dart Paper Plane

The bulldog dart or simply dart is one of the most basic types of paper planes. It is the one that most people know how to make. It only requires a few folds and it flies quite well. If you're teaching a child for the first time, this is the go-to method. All you need is a single sheet of a letter sized paper. Plain white printer paper is perfect. Follow the steps below to make a dart paper plane,

- First, you fold the paper in vertically and then unfold it. The crease that forms is a guideline for the next step.

- Fold the corners on top to meet at the center of the crease.

- Flip the paper over and fold the corners into the center crease. The diagonal line coming off the top of the plane from the left should be lined up with the middle.

- After folding both corners, Fold the top point downwards and let it meet the bottom point, where the previous fold met together.

- Now you can fold the entire plane in half.

- Fold the wings down and make a straight line across from the top of the plane on both sides.

The paper plane is complete. You can launch the plane with a soft throw as it flies better when it is thrown at a lower speed

How to make paper planes: Dart

2. The Harrier

The harrier is a bit more advanced paper plane. It includes a few more folds and it can fly better than the dart. It is not too simple but not too complex either. Follow these steps:

- Start by folding the paper in half length-wise and then unfold it. Use the center crease as a guideline.

- Fold the top corners and let them meet at the center.

- Now fold the entire top down to resemble an envelope and leave an inch or so at the bottom.

- Fold the top corners in so that they meet at the middle. A small triangle should be visible beneath the fold.

- Fold the triangle upwards to hold the folds in place.

- You can now fold the plane outwards on itself and not inwards. The triangular fold should be visible on the bottom edge.

- Fold the wings downwards to make its edge meet the bottom edge of the plane and repeat on the other side.

The Harrier is now complete and ready to be flown around. It is more stable than the dart.

harrier paper plane

3. The Hunter

You can count on this sleek plane for speed and distance. Follow the steps carefully:

- Fold the paper in half length-wise and then unfold it.

- Fold the top edge downwards.

- Fold the top downwards again to meet the bottom of the previous fold.

- Fold the top edge down, one more time away from you to the center crease at the back of the paper.

- Fold the paper plane in half towards you.

- Now, starting from the top, fold the wings down in the front and slightly angled at the back. Then fold the edges of the wings upwards.

Your Hunter plane is now ready to fly the distance at a great speed.

hunter paper plane

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