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How to Create a Playlist on Pandora Music App

by Toni S.

Pandora App, How to Create a Playlist on Pandora

A Guide for Creating a Playlist on Pandora

Pandora is a popular online radio app and music streaming service. In the US, it provides a highly-personalized listening experience to approximately 70 million users each month. Now, Premium users of Pandora can build their own playlists on the app, quite like Spotify. Playlists can be created from a mobile device or from Pandora’s website. Let’s learn how to do either below –

How to Make a Playlist on Pandora Using Your Phone

You can use your phone to create a new Pandora playlist, both from the Now Playing screen and the My Collection screen. When you want to create a playlist from the My Collection screen, head over to My Collection and then opt to sort by Playlist. The next step is to click on New Playlist. You'll need to enter a name for this Playlist before you can proceed. Choose a name and then click Next. Next, you'll want to search for the songs and albums that you want to add to your Playlist. Use the search bar on the app to look up your favorites.

In order to create a playlist from the Now Playing screen tap the ellipsis below the album art and select Add to Playlist. All you have to do now is choose the Playlist you want to add the song too. You could even add it to a fresh playlist altogether by creating a new one by tapping the +New Playlist.

Pandora App

How to Create a Playlist on Pandora on Pandora’s Website

If you want to make a new playlist from My Collections, filter your collections according to playlists and click on +Create Playlist. On the other hand, if you want to create a playlist from the Now Playing screen – simply click the ellipsis below the album art. It will reveal a submenu with an Add to Playlist option. Select New Playlist from here and you will have created your new Playlist on the website.

Similarly, new playlists can also be created from most songs and albums by tapping the ellipsis below their album art.

How to Edit a Playlist on Pandora

Now that you know how to make a playlist on Pandora, you can learn how to edit the playlists you created:

On mobile phones/other mobile devices:
  • Go to "My Collection"
  • Tap on the name of the Pandora playlist you want to edit.
  • Afterward, tap the Edit icon below the album art
  • If you want to remove songs from the playlist you chose, scroll down the playlist and press on the circled 'X' icon. You will find the X on the left side of the songs on the playlist after you follow the steps prior to this one
  • If there is no X icon, swipe the track name from right to left to remove it. If you remove or delete songs from your Pandora playlists, it will not remove the original Thumb rating from your stations
, How to Create a Playlist on Pandora

If you don't want to delete songs but rather adjust their order, here is what you need to do:

  • hold and drag the list icon to the right side of the track title to the desired position

If you want to rename a playlist on Pandora, here is what you need to do:

  • Tap on the current name of the playlist whose name you want to edit

If you want to add songs that will mesh well in your playlist, tap the "Add Similar Songs", which is found at the bottom side of the playlist you want to edit. Then, Pandora will add songs to your playlist according to their musical styles of the songs already on your playlist.

In case you didn’t create a playlist but got it from another listener, you may encounter problems with editing them. To fix the problem, make a copy of the playlist you want to edit. Then, you will be able to make additions, deletions, and other edits to the playlist someone sent to you.

Pandora also Curates Playlists for You

Sometimes, you might be on the hunt for new music. Pandora is a great app for music recommendations. It will suggest your songs based on the music you've listened to and reportedly liked. If you've thumbed up more than five songs on a radio station, you can expect a couple of auto-generated playlists based on this. You can also go through the Browse option to look through music depending on your mood.

How to Make a Playlist on Pandora

Auto-generated playlists cannot be altered as they are curated by the app itself, although it will be updated from time to time. You could always effect changes to these playlists by copying them separately and adding or removing tracks. How do you copy a playlist? You open a playlist that you wish to copy, click on the ellipsis located on the right of the play icon which will, in turn, reveal a menu. You can then create a whole new playlist by tapping Add to Playlist or even add the Playlist to one that already exists on your account.

Pandora Customer Reviews

Read below for a few recent customer reviews pulled from the web, to see what users think of the service:

- Vic of San Antonio, TX, Oct. 25, 2019

"I enjoy the variety of music and the ability to change genre at any time. I am a jazz enthusiast and Pandora provides me with all different artists. The oldies is also a great choice. Anyone at any time can choose what they want to listen to. A person has the option to pay $5 for commercial free listening or for free with ads. I recommend this app for music lovers of all ages."

- Terry of Othello, WA , Feb. 25, 2018

"I listen to Pandora every night to go to sleep. I love it. The only thing is the music cuts off sooner than before. When that happens I have to answer them letting them know yes I'm still listening. I love the artist I listen to."


There’s no denying the competition that music app giant Spotify has brought to the music app market. Apps in the space have been working on their offerings to woo some of the users that have yet to take a call on their music app of choice. Pandora too has been doing the same with its brand-new feature of creating custom playlists. If you are a Pandora Premium user, you can now use the app same as Spotify to build your playlist out of your choicest songs and albums. 


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