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How To Make Your Girlfriend Share More?

by Rhon A.

How To Make Your Girlfriend Share More
How To Make My Girlfriend Share More?

Well, well, before we get on this, let's accept one thing for a fact, more often than not, women have more complex brain and behavior as compared to men.
Even the seemingly masculine and tomboyish girls behave very differently from guys in a relationship. It is not easy to win a girl's trust, ever more difficult is to win her heart. When you're able to do both, she would make you the love of her life. But the thing with women is that they mood swings too and that too very frequently.

And in a romantic relationship more often than not they would expect their man to know their mind before they even speak it out. I can vouch for it because I am a woman, I have been dating a man for two years and at times I drive him crazy for practically no good reason. I expect him to know everything, do everything and make me feel loved all the time without me having to say it.

How To Make Your Girlfriend Share More
Having been a hard woman to date and being friends with women, here are some advice from me to make your girlfriend share more:

Pay Attention to Details

Other than some golddigger women, women generally don't fall for expensive gifts. They love your attention to detail. When I say attention to detail, I mean when you're with her, or when you talk to her, just be very attentive to what she says, how she reacts to certain things. And use the information you get to plan special surprises and gifts for her.
Trust me, giving her an expensive gift won't make her as happy as planning a surprise date at home, preparing or ordering her favourite dishes and reading her favourite book or watching a favourite rom-com. If you do such things a couple of times, if your gifts are thoughtful enough, then she would feel that you listen to her attentively. And you care about her deeply.

Share Your Own Personal Fears

There are certain things that we all hide in our hearts either due to embarrassment or due to fear of judgement. Some of us don't even share such things in intimate relationships. This creates a gap. Hence, share all your secrets, with her. Tell her about your insecurities, your fears, your goals, your family history, your personal life, your professional life everything. When you would share deeply personal things would her. She would be motivated to share things with you.

Never Judge Her

Generally, women are highly emotional and once hurt, even if they move past the event, they never forget how you made her feel. It kinda leaves a scar. Just be sure, whenever she shares anything personal with you, about which she is sensitive, never judge her for it and show your support. Make her feel loved and give her the comfort she needs.

Value Her Friends and Family

Giving your girlfriends' friends and family love, care and importance like she does would make her love you and trust you more. Wish them on birthdays, go out and celebrate, meet them together to celebrate and share special moments. Buy them small and thoughtful presents etc. This is something that would make her respect you, love you and trust you way more.

How To Make My Girlfriend Share More
Never Be Controlling

Any mature woman doesn't like being told that she can do this and she can't do that. Just give her all the freedom. Let her be as free as a bird. When you give her freedom, she would automatically more and more embrace you and do things as per your wishes, your likes and dislikes. But if you try to impose things on her then she would become rebellious or would feel that she is neither being understood nor she is being allowed to choose her own life. Express your concerns, and opinions honestly but never impose them.

Be With Her When She Needs You

Whenever she is at an emotional low in her life, and needs you then be sure, that you support her, comfort her and give her the emotional cushion she needs. Don't say, I am busy. Just make that extra effort and time, whichever way it's possible.

You would see eventually she would open herself to you like she never did before. All the best mate.


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