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How to Open a Gmail Account

by Daria P.

How to Open Gmail, Gmail Account, Gmail Email

Step by Step Guide to Open Gmail Account

It is easy to open a Gmail account. You need to follow a series of sequential steps to open one. Gmail is a web-centric email account offered by Google. To open an account, you require a computer connected to the Internet and a web browser correctly installed on that computer.

Step 1: Navigate to Google
Open your Internet browser. Visit the Google home page unique to your country (this will come by default, and you do not have to take any action). Click Gmail located on the page's top right corner.

Step 2: Account creation
You will now find yourself in the section bearing the "Sign in" legend. Since you do not have any Google account (yet), click "Create an account."

How to Open Gmail

Step 3: Time to set-up
It is now time to set up your brand new account. Google must have some standard information about you before the company allows you to send and receive emails through its servers. The first (and the most important) information it wants is your name. Type in your First Name and your Last Name. To give an example, if your name is Jane Smith, type in Jane as your first name and Smith as your last name.

You will then be asked to fill the "choose your username" section. Type in the email address you want to use. This must be unique. For example, if jane.smith, j.smith, or smith.jane is already taken, think of one which is not taken. Google will check the availability of the name. Once you create a unique username, fill out the remainder of the form.

If you are repeatedly stymied by Google saying that your unique username is already taken, do not lose heart. Try, and you will locate some alternatives. Remember that your username and actual name may not necessarily match or could be a partial match. It is okay to adopt the username iamjane or email2jane. It is recommended not to create a frivolous username as you would mail to companies and for several formal purposes. After you finalize an email address, it is an excellent idea to write it down so that you can remember it.

Gmail Account

Do make a good password which will enable you to log in securely into your account. Google will prompt you to make a password with a minimum of eight characters. It regards passwords of that length to be a secure one. Use not only letters but also numbers to make the password difficult and secure. If you have an existing email address, do add that one to make your new Gmail account secure.


Step 4: Verification
It is now time to accept Google's terms and privacy agreements. Read it and then click “I Agree”. Google will then commence to verify the account via voice call or text. Choose your preferred option and click “Continue”. Selecting the text option will make you type in that specific code which Google has sent to your cell-phone number. Choose “Continue”. Congratulations! You now have your own Gmail account.

Step 5: Dashboard
After you finish opening your Gmail account, you will be redirected automatically to the Gmail dashboard. After you read and understand all the information, it is now time to use Gmail. The Inbox and Sent mail are on the left-hand side. Emails can be composed of this list.

Gmail Email

Step 6: Profile picture
This is an optional task. You can send and receive emails without your profile picture. If you want to have your profile picture, click the profile icon on the page's right-hand corner and then click "Change". Upload the photograph you like from your computer and select the "Set as profile picture" option. You can change this anytime. Complete the rest by clicking the dashboard's other available requests.

Advantages of Having a Gmail Account

  • Brand recognition- For working individuals, having a mail ID with the extension of their company or organization’s name immediately boosts brand recognition. By acquiring a personalized mailing domain, customers and other B2B clients alike will immediately associate the organization with seriousness. It imparts the feeling that the individual is ready and open for business.
  • Effective record keeping- As mentioned above, email has become the single platform for sending and receiving all forms of important communication and documentation. People also choose to have copies of their important personal documents as a backup on their mailing servers. Combined with eh scheduling, categorizing and bookmarking features that most email services today offer, email has become the best and most powerful tool for accurate documentation and record keeping. Paper trails are stored in a single relevant thread and all important documents can be found in attachments. The email has truly become indispensable in the personal and professional lives of people. Any vital data or piece of communication can be immediately extracted.
  • Improves speed and efficiency- Email services offer limitless freedom to frame and customize the communication that is being sent. Added to this any amount of data can be sent via such email services. This has resulted in an improvement in speed and productivity of operations and has reduced the time consumed in such communication.
  • Low-cost communication- All emailing services that are available today can be joined for free. The only charge associated with sending and receiving emails is the internet data charge that is being consumed in maintaining the connection. All the services including the encryption, anti-virus scanning, and customization features are available for free today. Certain mailing platforms offer the freedom to customize the address or domain name according to the user’s preference, these platforms might charge for the giving such customized domain names.
  • Marketing- Email has come as a boon to the world of digital marketing. All forms of appropriate consumer communication and marketing content can be conveniently sent as email flyers and digital ads. Moreover, all kinds of consumer-related communication such as queries and product enquiries can be carried out through such mail based online portals.


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