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Having Trouble Opening Up to Your Partner? Here are the Tips that Will Help You

by Kelly B.

Relationship Tips, How to Open Up to My Partner

How to Open Up to My Partner?

Relationships are hard. This is a universal truth acknowledged by many and understood by a few. When you first get into a relationship, you enter a world of hazy dreams where everything seems perfect. It's as if all the puzzle pieces have finally fallen into place and, even if you have felt like you were settling for less, the haphazard details seem too small to cause a bother. Unfortunately for most, it is these minor details that you hope to get used to that grow to be a major annoyance, causing a rift in an otherwise seemingly smooth bond.

Fights and annoyances are inevitable in any relationship. It is different for every couple as no two human beings are the same and situations can be resolved or left unsolved depending on how individuals react. Time brings with it endless experiences which can either be shared or simply kept to memory. These experiences can be good or bad, but inevitably, there always comes a moment when one feels that there is a lot that needs to be communicated to their partner to resolve issues or strengthen the bond. In either case, there arises a question of how to be open with your significant other. The following are some tips you can follow to communicate better with your partner and develop the relationship in the strongest path.

Relationship Tips

Be Honest

Everyone has secrets, and every individual is flawed in their way. It is human to make mistakes but often these mistakes, when hidden, cause bigger complications than when you are outright about your mistakes and honestly convey your emotions.

This may, in the worst case scenario, result in fights and friction if there is a lack of understanding and an unshakable ego, but at least the burden of whatever is on your mind is no longer heavy in your heart. In the best case scenario, your partner would understand your position and your bond would grow stronger still. 

Stay Calm

Often, when opening up to a partner, it can be a heavily emotional experience. The trouble arises when neither of the pairs is willing to keep a calm mind and listen or observe. When conveying something difficult to your significant other, you must understand that it is as difficult for them to hear you out as it is for you to say it. 

As long as one of the pairs maintains a calm demeanor and is strong enough to absorb difficult situations and turn it into something better, things will be alright. Any difficulty can be tackled a little better when one is calm and patient.

How to Open Up to My Partner

Find common ground

Relationships are formed when one individual expresses their experiences and the other finds these experiences relatable, be they good or bad. Understanding another human being’s experience becomes easier when you have experienced something similar. Using these common grounds, you can cite examples and explain yourself to your partner carefully avoiding the paths to misunderstandings or at least reducing the negative impact of what you wish to talk about. Finding common ground also can aid in diffusing many future situations that are bound to arise as communication becomes much easier.

Beyond appearances, beyond usefulness

The strongest relationships are those that work beyond appearances and usefulness. What this means is that many tend to describe their partners by their looks or how useful they are to them. When one maintains such a narrow view of human beings, they tend not to understand when change inevitably occurs, and people grow. 

You are not the same person you were a few years ago, and you will not be the same in a few years. It is similar to all human beings who learn and grow with time. This is why it is essential to learn to love your partner unconditionally and for them to love you the same, despite the fights, troubles, and differences.


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