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How to Opt out of and Get your information removed from

by Rhon A. Opt-Out, How to Opt-Out of

Background Alert Opt-Out: How-To Guide

The internet is a brilliant resource that is used by many to get various kinds of information. One kind of information that many people, especially employers, like to collect is background information. Background information allows the employer to make the correct decision and hire the most suitable employee for his/her business. It allows the employer to verify whether the claims made by the interviewee in his/her resume is true or not and whether there has been any kind of legal infractions committed by the person in question in the past.

This kind of information is also crucial if an employer wants to safeguard the interests of his/her company and the safety of the other employees that work for the company. is a website that provides background check services to users and allows them to conduct thorough background checks.
The types of information that are revealed to the user, upon conducting a background check at, include personal information, address history, marriage/divorce records, information regarding related persons, arrest records and information about sex offenders, amongst others. is a brilliant website and aids several people. However, it might be inconvenient for certain people who are unwilling to share their personal information on an online forum or are unwilling to have their lives dissected by other people online.

For this very reason, and also to respect the privacy of another person, has created a method that allows users to opt-out of the services that the website provides, or to remove personal information belonging to them from the contents of the website. This article aims to shed some light on this topic and provide you with the required steps that you need to follow if you want to opt-out of or remove information from

Steps you need to follow

There are easy and methodical steps that you can follow to get your personal information removed from or opt-out of their services. The following steps would help you achieve that feat. They include:

  • The first step is to visit and go to the very bottom of their home page. At the very bottom, you would be able to see an option that says ‘Remove my info’. Please click on that option and get redirected to the remove-my-info page. Opt-Out
  • The next step involves typing the full name and last known location of the person in the search bars provided on the remove-my-info page. This step will reveal to you all the listings that has on the person that you put into the search boxes.
  • From the various listings that have been revealed to you by the website, you need to look closely and select the listing that best matches the credentials of the person you are looking for.
How to Opt-Out of
  • The next step involves entering your email address and pressing on the option ‘next’ present on that page. This will prompt to send you a confirmation email, on the email ID that you have provided for yourself. Opt Out
  • The next step involves verifying your identity. You can complete this process by uploading a picture of your ID proof. To ascertain complete security you can use photo-editing software and blur out the important numbers and your face in the photo of the ID proof, and upload the edited file.
  • Once you have chosen the edited file that you wish to upload, click on the ‘next’ option, available on the page.
  • Upon clicking ‘next’, will be prompted to send another email to your registered email ID, which you had provided in the fourth step. An option called ‘Confirm Opt-Out’ should be present within the body of this email. By clicking on this option, you confirm the removal of your selected profile, with all its personal information, as well as opt-out of the services provided by
Background Alert Opt-Out

The aforementioned steps are exactly what you need to do in a step-wise manner, if you wish to opt-out of the services that provides, or if you want to remove your personal information from the website. Make sure that you do not miss any step and follow the content of this article closely to achieve optimal and satisfactory results.


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