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How to Opt-Out of and Get Your Information Removed from

by Kelly G., How to Opt-Out of

How to Opt-out of is a background checking website which collates data of people residing anywhere in America. It has a database of registered sex offenders, criminal record holders, people in the lives of other people, and real profiles of people. It represents itself as a public records service search that showcases social media info, photos, police records, background checks, civil judgments, contact information and more. However, many people are offended because this is an invasion of their privacy, and the database is being collated from the online databases available on all sites.

Therefore, people want to remove their information from database sites like The website follows a similar pattern to remove information from its database except for people from California. Generally, the following steps have to be followed to remove data from opt out
Send a Request

For all Americans, except for those from California, allows removing data by searching from its listings.

Go to the website and search with details like first name, last name, state, and city. Check out all the records and select the one you think is most relevant to you and click on “Remove This Record”.

How to Opt-Out of
The next step after selecting your records for removal is to enter your email id and CAPTCHA in the respective boxes.

How to Opt Out From Instant Check Mate
Once you do so, a confirmation email to remove the records will be sent to your email id.

Instant Check Mate Opt Out Email
Thereafter, you need to click on the link to remove it. After completing this step, your request to remove the record will be taken into the process. It will take up to 48 hours to remove your record.

Instant Check Mate Opt Out
Check Results on Search Engines

Once you receive an email confirming that the information from has been removed, then search the search engines. Click to check whether the displayed links for the websites still display the information you requested to remove. If it is still available on the website, then raise a secondary request to remove the details.

Important Notes

The information available on is of public knowledge, therefore, public records will never get deleted. This means if you delete the information from the website, it will not get removed from its primary source. Therefore, the search engines will showcase public information related to a particular name or person.

Secondly, and more importantly, sending a request to remove a record will only remove a single record and not records attached to it. For example, if has information related to your spouse, then a secondary request for removal has to be made to the website to remove it. Similarly, you can send a request to remove a record for people you know or are related to you. It will take 48 hours for each record to get removed from the website.

 Instant Check Mate
Thirdly, if you think there are multiple records related to you or the people for whom you are searching, then separate requests need to be made for each one of them. also allows requests to remove a record through the mail. Therefore, you can mail all of your requests to Instant Checkmate, Attn: Opt-Out, 3111 Camino Del Rio N Suite 400, San Diego, CA 92108.

Lastly, if you want to stop receiving notifications from then you should unsubscribe from the website. For any issues related to the removal of a record, or unsubscription you can reach out at (800) 222-8985, or write an email to The company is working 7 days a week between 5 AM to 10 PM PCT or 8 AM - 1:00 AM EST or 8 AM to 5 PM PST. However, the holiday timings for the company may differ.


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