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How to Opt-Out and Get Your information Removed from

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How to Opt-out of 

Information is readily available for companies, people, events, etc on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Quora, and LinkedIn. However, people don’t usually post such information so that it can be sold by database companies like Intelius. Database companies gather information from social sites, URLs and search engines using software and hiring employees. This is ethically invading the privacy of a company, which becomes a hassle for a person. At times, people might even be targeted by stalkers, hackers, and other evils in society due to such practices. However, database companies like Intelius provide a secondary option for people to remove information from their sites.

But, unfortunately, there are too many database companies like Intelius these days which don’t promise to remove the information fully. As per Intelius, the company promises to remove information within 72 hours of the opt-out request. However, at the same time, the company doesn’t promise to remove similar information displayed on its platform during a later stage of a secondary profile. Evidently, the information still lands back onto the Intelius website. In order to fully remove any such event on any database site Intelius, one should follow a few steps: Opt-Out
Opt-out of Intelius

Go to the Intelius websites and fill in the Intelius opt-out form. Then fill in your details and select the listings from which your information needs to be removed.

How to Opt-Out of
After doing so, add your email id.

How to Opt-Out of
A request to remove your listing will be sent to your email id. Once you confirm it, then you will receive a reference number. Your request will then be processed within the next 72 hours and your information will be removed.

How to Opt-Out of
However, as mentioned earlier, Intelius also works based on URLs and search engines. Therefore, there is still a chance that your information may be visible on search engines like Google and Yahoo, but not actually visible on the site. So, if a person clicks on the link or URL, the page with similar results will be displayed excluding your information. Intelius also promises to not include your information in their database because you have already shared a removal request.

But, contrary to their actions, the Intelius website may display information pertaining to a similar person because it gathers information from search engines and URLs. So, therefore, you need to take a few additional steps as mentioned below.

Remove Unnecessary Information from the Web

Knowingly you might have used a social site like Tumblr, Behance, LinkedIn, Facebook, Quora or others at some point in life. Your personal database is visible on these sites. Also, if you are a potential contributor to your company, then your information may be marketed on many sites. Therefore, your details like DOB, place of living, job profile, hobbies, etc are at the reach of the highest bidder who buys database from Intelius. So, remove unnecessary information from these sites. Go through their privacy and set it to “only you” if the site requires such kind of data.

Also, go through those apps and websites which you are no longer using and remove your information and delete your accounts from those sites. Also, if you are at it remove people from your friend lists with whom you are no longer connected or have a business relationship only. Go to all database sites, and search for results related to you. If you find any information, then follow their procedures to remove your information.

Check Your Search Engines

Once you have finished removing information that may be misused by hackers or companies, then you should go search engines like Google, Bing, MSN, Safari, and Yahoo. Even though MSN, Safari, and Yahoo may not look like a threat to you, they still might display information related to you. Therefore, you should check results and go to the leftover sites to manage your data, profiles, and information.

If these three steps are taken carefully, then you can probably relax and avoid sites or apps that access your data that you might not probably use. This is the best way to make sure that even if your information lands again on these database sites, it is only the information that is relevant to the public and not to your personal or private life.


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