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How to Opt-Out and Get Your information Removed from

by Sheila A.

How to Opt-out of, How Do You Opt-out of

How Do You Opt-out of

What is is a website comprising of Official Law Enforcement records, inter alia, booking photographs and mugshots, republished in their original form.

Removal of Records:

The policy mentioned here has taken effect as of July 1, 2018. All requests prior to this date were not meant to be accepted.

Previously, took a certain amount of money to refrain from keeping someone’s records on their website. Currently, which the appropriate documentation, it is possible to remove your record from free of charge.

Under the heading of ‘Maintenance of Records’ on, there is a procedure to be followed for different circumstances that allow you to either remove your record from or update your record on the site.

In cases of removal, the information in question will only be removed in cases of expungement, sealing of the case, no information, restriction on the record, in case a person's identity has been stolen or in cases of death. In cases of favorable and unfavorable dispositions, the record cannot be removed but can be updated.
Submitting a Request for Removal of Records

It is pertinent to use the appropriate email address to contact the site when submitting a request. The inclusion of the ID used on the site is requested. Different cases have different email addresses to which the request is meant to be sent.

In the case of expungement, seal, no information, restriction, identity theft or death, the required documentation should be sent to For favorable dispositions and non-favorable dispositions, emails should be sent to

  • Expungement, Seal, No Information, Restriction or Identity Theft:

If a person’s case has been obliterated, sealed, ordered to be destroyed or his identity has been stolen, documentation of the same must be emailed for consideration. The person’s record will be removed free of charge.

  • Favorable Dispositions:

Favorable dispositions include the following; a not guilty verdict, dismissal of the suit, acquittal, exoneration, pardon, withholding of adjudication, no file, etc. In such cases, a person has the opportunity to update their case record on the site, free of charge.

  • Non-Favorable Dispositions:

A non-favorable disposition allows for the updating of information on, provided that all the required court documents are in order. If all court requirements have been finished in a timely fashion, including the payment of fines, completion of probation or time served, the request will be given due consideration.

  • Death:

Upon the death of a family member, their case can be removed free of charge from the database of the site.

how to opt out of


It is requested that the persons concerned take their time and submit the requisite documentation in the proper manner.

All documentation must be signed by a judge, sealed by the court and must be legible. In cases of death, wherein the death certificate is required, a certified copy of the Death Certificate, duly signed by the proper authority and which is legible, should be sent in for consideration. In cases of non-favorable dispositions, the court satisfaction documents must be signed by the court and be legible and then sent in for consideration. Non-legible documents will be discarded without notification.

No Time Guarantee:

All requests in the above cases are considered on a first come first serve basis. There is no guarantee of how long the procedure will take, and can even extend up to 10 business days.

Follow Procedure Thoroughly:

The procedure of removal of one’s information from seems like a tedious process, but if a person follows the instructions, their request will be considered accordingly. The site is not appreciative of people who threaten the lives of its workforce or their families and can refuse service to anyone for such behavior.


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