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How to Opt-Out and Get Your information Removed from People Directory Removal.

by Sheila A.

How to Opt-Out of, Opt Out Opt-Out Guide

How to opt-out of is a comprehensive search engine and investigative tool that is used by insurance agents, financial institutions, media conglomerates, and government agencies around the world. The website compiles lists of reliable information relating to the identities of individuals around the world. Data breaches are an ongoing crime that affects every facet of today's online world. No one knows for sure who is behind an online identity, and no one can trust a corporation into keeping their identities safe.

How does it work?

Pipl provides the following services:

  • You can find the location of any individual through GPS tracking
  • You can find all the online identities of a particular person by uncovering links between their profiles
  • You can determine the credibility of suspects and witnesses
  • You can connect an individual's personal and professional information
  • You can detect changes in online and offline historical information

Through, you can uncover the true identity of an individual who is masked behind an online person
The information collected by Pipl

Pipl collects two kinds of information about you- public and private data.

  • Public data: Public data includes all the information about you that is already present on the internet through the news articles, blogs, your public social media handles, and the comments you make under posts.
  • Private data: Private data is all the information Pipl collects and collates when you access the site using your personal information. Private data includes your billing address, payment information, the email associated with your account, your full name, and other customer support records. The site does not sell your private information, rather stores it to verify and authenticate your identity.

Pipl also stores the following information:

  • Professional information: This includes your job performance throughout the years, your evaluations, and the number of steady jobs you have held. Your professional information also includes your financial statements, information about your health insurance, and your medical history
  • Personality information: Your online history displays your personality more accurately than you realize. Your behavioral traits are reflected thoroughly in your online presence. Your personality information includes your psychological tendencies, your attitude, aptitude, and intelligence.
  • Personal information: Your personal information is available quite readily at This includes your marital status, the languages you know, your ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status, and your physical location (if GPS is active on your device).
  • Browsing history: Your browsing and search history is available on this site as well. This includes the websites you have visited, the websites you interact with the most, and whether you readily respond to advertisements or not.
  • Biometric information: Your biometric information includes all your genetic makeup such as your fingerprints, face, samples of your voice, scans of your retina, your keystroke, and physical markers about you such as your height and gait.
  • Physical address: Your IP address is already online. also makes your offline address available, which includes your address, your postal location, your telephone number, and your signature.

Removing your information

Removing your information from is easy. If you are a resident of California, you can exercise your opt-out right by filling out a CCPA form at The online form requires you to fill out your full name, email address, and the reason you want your information hidden.

How to Opt-Out of
If you are not a citizen of California, you should use this form to request an opt-out. For additional information, you can contact customer support at Pipl by accessing can choose the kind of support you require. Write your message to customer support and fill in additional information such as your first name, last name, and email address.


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