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How to Opt-Out and Get Your information Removed from

by Sheila A.

Opt Out PublicDataCheck, PublicDataCheck Opt Out

How to Opt Out of PublicDataCheck? is an online info aggregator website that collects information from different sources about people and makes it available at its platform. There are hundreds of similar sites that pull data from various sources to create a database.

How does it collect information about you?

There are a lot of documents available on the public domain that has your information. These websites legally collect such data and create their database. There is a misconception among people that they are collecting information illegally, which is not valid. Many people, when finding the availability of such data in one place, they often get panic. They assume they have become a victim of some online scam.

However, all the information available on is not collected from any encrypted or password-protected source. These websites use specially designed software to scrape data from public records, websites, and other locations online. They create an aggregated information space of your data, which is accessible via a search on
Why is it an issue if the information is available in the public domain?

Most of your information may already be available in the public domain on different websites. However, most of these websites do not show up in top search results, but sites like appear on top results. Thus, if your information is available on it, you may not feel comfortable about it.

How to opt-out of PublicDataCheck? is a legal entity and collects information legally from different sources. Nevertheless, it does not have a formal process that you can follow to remove your information from the website. Also, it will not show your record if you do not have an account on the site.

Thus, first of all, you have to find out if there is any of your information available on Follow the steps mentioned below:
  • Go to and create an account.
  • Now, search for your listing on the website.
Opt Out PublicDataCheck
  • If there is any information available, it will show up as a list.
  • Click on your name and click on “get information on email.”
  • Please note that the email you are going to use will get added to their database, and they send many emails. You should use a disposable email to follow the next steps.
  • Once you have the information in your email, inform them about the information they have on you and request them to remove it from their website. If the site has any wrong information associated with your name, use it as well in your request and get it removed as well.
PublicDataCheck Opt Out
  • Once you have sent the email to them, the only thing you can do is to be patient and wait. does not provide any timeline under which they will remove the information from the website.

What’s next?

Once you have applied for removal of the information from, the next step will be to see where they have collected the data. There are many free reputation management software available that you can use to find the source of information had on you. It will also provide you with the process of removing such information from the public domain. Also, you can create positive information about you on the internet and ensure that those pages grab the top results on search engines.

Final words

It is not possible to altogether remove the information available on the internet about you. The maximum you can do is to get it removed from any publically available database or aggregator websites. Many states are under the process of bringing stronger laws to protect the privacy of the people. Still, until then, it is in your hands to keep your information secure.


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