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How to Opt-Out of and Get Your information Removed from Website?

by Rhon A. Opt-Out, How to Opt-Out of Opt-Out: How-To Guide enables people to find anyone located in any part of the United States. It is possible to search by name, phone number or address and find their details almost instantly. The website stands out when it comes to providing information on people and public records in the U.S.

Since the website has access to tons of public records, people looking for background check service, criminal/property/public record searches can rely upon this site for finding information. However, there are cases where people would like to opt-out of the search database. If you are one of them, read through to find out how to stay off and get your information removed.

Requirements for opting out of Documents needed Opt-Out

Methods by which you can opt-out of

Request Online

This is the simplest and quickest method to get your details removed. It is to be noted here that is associated with; so, if you want to remove your information on, you should ensure that your details are taken off from To remove your record on, follow these simple steps; stay away from the internet and enjoy complete privacy and peace of mind.

Visit You will find a line stating that you can opt-out of the search service. You can even visit the Privacy Policy section in case you have more questions.

  • Attach a certified/recognized ID proof to confirm your identity. A Government-issued driver’s license, U.S Military ID, U.S Passport or a state-issued ID would do. However, ensure to cross out your ID number or photo before attaching the same.
  • Enter your email address. You will receive a message when your information from Intelius is removed. However, this is optional.
  • You can provide additional information, if you want to and click on the ‘Submit Opt-out’ option.
  • You can also send an email to at

By Mail

If you are requesting opt-out via mail, you need to submit your ID proof along with your name, address, and Date of Birth.

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 4145 Bellevue

WA 98009-4145

Once your request is placed, it takes around 7-14 days to remove your information from Kindly note that the website accepts only individual requests; bulk requests will not be entertained.

How to Opt-Out of

Via Fax

It is also possible to request opt-out via fax. Whatever the method, it is necessary to provide your ID proof, with your number/photo crossed out for security reasons.

Fax: (425) 974-6242

You should also write your name, Date of Birth, Address and record number. If you are not aware of your record number, go to, complete the form by filling out your name, city, and state and click on ‘GO’. Choose the record you want to block. Your record number will be displayed in the black section.

The procedure via fax will also take the same time. Your request will be processed and information removed within a week or two. Kindly note that will consider only individual opt-out requests and any bulk request will be rejected.

Effortless opting Out!

The leading people search site in the United States, provides access to public records. However, if you do not want your privacy to be interrupted, mostly by fraudsters and irritating marketers, you can opt-out from the major search site, by following the steps mentioned in the sections above. You need to devote some time but since the procedure is simple, you can do it with minimal effort.


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