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How to Opt-out and Get Your information Removed from

by Sheila A.

How to Opt-out of, USATrace Opt Out

Opt-Out Find Out How to Opt Out of

Established in 1997, USA Trace is a database of thousands of Americans. It allows learning about their background by searching through SSN and public records. In order to search for personal details through SSN Search, it has an option to input the first name, middle name, last name and first three digits of SSN. The name criteria for a public record, US marriage, and divorce, self, and other people’s background searches are the same. The only difference that makes these searches a bit different from SSN is that it allows us to input a city and select a state.

USA Trace believes that by allowing people to search for details about a person, they can unite friends and family members. At the same time, it helps to do background checks. The search results display details like partial phone numbers, email addresses, last residential places, the full name of a person, and his/her age. The company currently offers a one-month free subscription and thereafter, charges $9.95 a month for unlimited background checks, people search, etc. USA Trace currently partners with People Finders. Both of these websites collect data from official sources. Presently, there are three ways to remove data from the USA Trace website. These are:

Send a Request to

The first and easiest method to remove details from would be to email or call (804) 442-6182. You can even write an mail to QuickLocate LLC, Mechanicsville, VA and remove your details from This action against the database can be taken after subscribing free for a month during the initial trial and thereafter, by paying a subscription fee every month.

How to Opt-out of

Remove from

Since partners with, therefore, you should report to remove it from the partner website too. This is mandatory because all data on is visible through In order to do so, go to and enter your first name, last name, city and select your state. The more details you enter the better results you will gather.

Thereafter, select the most relevant profile with the displayed information and right-click to select the copy link address. After you do so, go to Once you go to this address then paste the URL under the “Enter the URL field”, enter your email address in the “Enter the email address” field, click on “I am not a robot”, and finally on the “Send Request” button.

USATrace Opt Out
You will receive an opt-out email with a hyperlink to opt-out of the website database in your Inbox, Spam or Trash. Finally, you will be redirected to a page that will show confirmation of your request. Your record from the will be removed within the next 48 hours. You can even email to report for removal. Do note that separate requests need to be made for each search result on the website.

Remove from Search Engines and URLs

The last and final option to remove details of a person's database from websites like and will be to manage online data. Search for results on search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google, and you will be able to see results. Thereafter, you need to go on any database site, or social media website to remove your data and only put publically accessible data.

So, even if the data gets regenerated through any other public database website it will not showcase details that you haven’t added on any site. Also, search for the results on and and you will learn about the entire results available on the websites.

Also, if you want to opt-out of subscriptions from these websites, then you need to search for opt-out subscriptions and follow the necessary steps.


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