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How to Get Organize & Signs you are Not Organized!

by Jessie Carson

How to Get Organized, How to Be Organized, Organized

Signs You Need to Get Organized

Is it easy to find out when is the right time to begin organizing our life, your schedule, and your space? The symptoms are extremely clear when you start paying close attention. In fact, very often being unorganized also means that you are not feeling in control and have been committing minor errors which may have major consequences. For instance, check out the following signs, which hint that it is time for you to get organized:
how to get organized

1. You are unable to locate commonly used items

In case you have been wasting your time by simply rummaging through your bag, closets, and desk drawers, it is possibly high time to set up a rule that whatever you own needs to have a dedicated home for them. When you have inculcated the habit of putting the items back to their original place after using them, the rummaging will come to an end for sure.

2. You have started misplacing the necessary items

While everybody keeps making mistakes and weird situations may happen to anyone, if you make it a regular habit of losing your wallet, glasses, or keys, it indicates that you need to be more organized somewhere down the line.

3. You are not proud of your space at all

Does the very idea of inviting a colleague or a friend into your place makes you feel embarrassed? Do you feel guilty whenever you steal a glance at your messy desk? If you feel flustered and ashamed in such scenarios, you may have to start getting organized. The good news for you is that the clutter may not be as bad as the first look suggested.

signs you need to get organized

4. You seem to be always on a shopping spree

At times you may feel that more stuff is required for your home. It may be because the stuff already owned by you is not organized well and so you do not realize it is actually there. When you declutter and then organize your belongings, particularly those stored in your closets, you can clarify your possessions and avoid accumulating duplicates unintentionally that you would not use.

5. You forget a scheduled meeting accidentally

While mistakes such as this can occur due to an unpredictable and legitimate reason such as a family emergency or an earthquake, the key point here is that you forgot to attend a meeting without any solid justification. When such an error happens multiple times, it can be a serious indication that your existing way of organizing a schedule is not working well for you. You can create a daily routine to combat this so that you will always remember to attend a meeting.

6. You are getting flustered even by mundane tasks

A majority of you are leading hectic lives and so some sort of an advanced preparation is needed to make sure that regular chores like making dinner or putting on your makeup go in a smooth manner. However, if you start feeling stressed to do even these simple tasks, it can be a hint that some sort of a change should be incorporated in the process.

7. You tend to get distracted very easily

It is an accepted fact that clutter is not simply repelling; it may also become a very big distraction. When you cannot seem to do anything, start organizing yourself by decluttering your workspace and then see what exactly happens. You need to realize that even clutter that is hidden (For instance, a pile of papers waiting to be placed inside a box) may snatch your mental energy. It is imperative to realize that clutter at home or your workplace is not simply an issue pertaining to focusing at work.  Rather, it may be a mental or a visual hurdle to your relaxation and peace of mind.


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