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Insults and Put Downs: How to Overcome Insults and Put Downs?

by Anne S.

Insults and Put downs, Overcoming Insults and Put downs

Tips for Overcoming Insults and Put-Downs

Insults and putdowns can have a huge negative impact on your mental health. If you don’t know how to handle them, it can damage your confidence in the long run. Insults and putdowns can happen in a lot of ways. The physical form would be when someone spits or slaps you.

Indirect insults and putdowns are negative comments, personal jokes, mimicry, and backhanded compliments. When the need of the hour is how to overcome insults and putdowns, follow the techniques highlighted below:

Find out the other person's motives

You need to understand why the offender made the insults and putdowns. Keep in mind there is always going to be a reason which explains the behavior of this person. Try to look at the situation from a broader perspective, irrespective of how hurtful the comments are at the moment.

If you know this individual, ask his/her friends about whether they were in a similar situation. Sometimes, you will discover that this is common behavior from the person. Once you have the second opinion, you will understand how to deal with the insults and comedowns.

Insults and Put downs
Ignore the putdowns and insults

A great solution to how to overcome insults and putdowns is to ignore the statements completely. Unless you have the ability to think quickly on your feet to make a comeback, you should use this technique.

It makes a powerful statement to the offender, as it shows what he/she doesn’t even matter to you. Avoid taking it personally, every time you hear these comments. When the offender realizes that you don’t care about what he/she has to say, he/she will no longer make these statements.

Remember, you have complete control over how you react to the negative comments. When you don’t let your emotions overwhelm you in this situation, you are the winner. On top of that, it teaches you how to overcome insults and putdowns in the future.

Take a breather

When someone throws insults and putdowns at you, there is no need to make an immediate response. While it triggers various emotions inside you, don’t give in to those feelings. You should take deep breaths so that you can remain calm in the situation. There is no reason to lash out at the insults or putdowns by the offender immediately.

Keep breathing slowly, till you no longer feel intense emotions flowing through you. Once you reach the zen state, you can start thinking of comebacks insults and putdowns.

Overcoming Insults and Put downs
Understand the words have no meaning

Imagine a situation where you are conversing with another person in a foreign language. As you don’t know this dialect, you won’t be able to follow the conversation. Even if he/she insults you, how will you ever know?

Follow the same technique, when dealing with a person who makes these types of comments in a language you understand. Be blank and perceive the statements as nothing but different vibrations in the air. They are sounds, which have no meaning to you.

Use humor for comebacks insults and putdowns

One of the best comebacks insults and putdowns is to address the situation with a sense of humor. It removes all the tension between you and the offender, making it easier to handle the state of affairs.

You can also add or exaggerate the insults or putdowns, to point out that the person making these statements think twice. The best part about comebacks insults and putdowns is that it removes the sting from the comments completely. Imagine how the person would feel when he/she knows it doesn’t affect you in any way.

Speak Up

Having insight is great, but it is useless if you don't apply the conclusions you came to. When it comes to insults and putdowns, it is important to stand up for yourself and let the other person know they cannot speak to you the way that they do. If you do not think that you can speak up immediately when someone insults you, you can take them aside and speak to them. Tell the person who insulted you that what they said to you is inappropriate and you will not accept that kind of talk. The other person's first reaction will probably be shocked, and then they will become defensive. Either way, you need to stand up for yourself and make it clear that you deserve respect.

With these tips, you will learn how to overcome insults and putdowns like a boss!


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