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How to Pick the Perfect Everyday Hat Style!

by Kim S.

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How to Pick the Perfect Everyday Hat Style!

Hats are frequently the most overlooked facet of any wardrobe. This is a shame as a hat can highlight the beautiful attributes of any face and add smartness to an outfit. It can describe the style of a person. No wonder many choose a hat with extreme care. It is important to locate a hat which matches your taste, physique, and of course the budget.

Consider the purpose for which you will buy the hat

Why are you purchasing a hat? Will, you wear it to the office every day or only for special events? The purpose can either be protected from the sun or covering to shield yourself from blasting cold. You can narrow down a large number of options if you know the function of the hat. Do go online and make yourself familiar with as much number of hat styles as you remember. Browse fashion catalogs and magazines.

Your physique must match the hat

The hat should be proportional to the wearer's body. Your hat should balance your body dimensions and not unnecessarily highlight them. If you are short of height, consider upturned brims and tall crowns. If you are tall, choose turned down and wide brims. The brim of the hat must not exceed the width of the shoulders. If you have a large physique, you can choose from a greater number of styles. The hat must also match the face.


Select a color which will flatter you and do not forget personality

Unsure about this one? Think about the number of times people have flattered you and what you wore during that time. There is more than an even chance that those colors are best suitable for you.  The hat will be a prominent element of the wardrobe and it must complement your unique style. Take your hairstyle into consideration. A number of hats look best when the long hair gets pulled back and then tucked into ears. Choose fedoras and berets in-case you want to wear your hat while the hair is loose.

Price matters

Make a budget of how much will you spend to get a perfect hat. Although these are expensive items, excellent quality hats are also found in vintage shops. Do remember the best quality hats are pricey. Premium quality is available only if you part with an exorbitant amount of money. Search through multiple shops to get the best deal.

Face Shape

Find out your face shape. Oblong faces require a hat which could be pulled down to diminish vertical. Floppy hats and cloches are suitable. If you have an oval face, you can wear anything. Go for small brimmed classic styles to enjoy the best effect. For round faces, wear structured hats and hats with wide brims. In case of pear or triangular faces, high crown and small brim hats make an excellent choice. When it comes to square faces, cloche hats, curved crowns, and upturned brims are a way to go. High crowns and small brims are suitable for diamond-shaped faces. For a heart-shaped face, wear hats with upturned brims.

Types of Hats

Measure your head

It is important you buy a hat which fits your size. You need a cloth tape measure to do this. Place the tape measure around the head in a circle above three millimeters above the years, across the forehead middle. The hat will sit in this area. The tape must not be tight but firm. Take the tape away and note down the measurement. Do understand that hat sizes may vary from one manufacturer to another. Consult the respective sizing charts for specifics.

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