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How to Post on Instagram: An Easy Guide!

by Kelly B.

Best Time to Post on Instagram, How to Post on Instagram

Instagram Posts Explained!

It is colorful, vivid, and extremely easy to use. If there ever was a time to start using Instagram, it is now. But for your posts to be effective and keep your followers engaged, follow these few tips to help you bring your Instagram account to life.

Post Interesting, Colorful Content

Instagram is about adding value to your followers. To keep them engaged, post beautiful and colorful photographs. If your photograph can create any emotion within the user, you have hit the target. You can post pictures that induce feelings of motivation, happiness, humor or nostalgia. So ensure you get high-quality photos with bright colors to increase engagement with your pictures.

Do not Overdo the Filter Effects

Instagram offers a wide range of filters that can enhance the look and feel of your photographs. While using these can make your photos better, try to use it sparingly. If you overdo the filters on your photo, people may not relate to it as can look far away from reality. As a rule, use one filter or at the maximum two filters.

Best Time to Post on Instagram

Use Hashtags Sparingly

Using hashtags are essential to expand the reach of your post, and increase engagement between you and your followers, but avoid adding too many of them. Many people use so many hashtags in their posts, many of which are not even relevant to the photograph just to get more engagement on their handle. Use only relevant hashtags and a few of them for each post.

Use the Explore Tab

The explore tab is where popular photographs get featured. It notes the photos you like and the handles you follow to give you the best or most popular photos for you. Since it is tailored to your interest, you can get lost in this section as the pictures featured here are good.

Post Often to Keep Followers Interested

This one comes with caveats. While you should post regularly to keep your followers engaged, posting too often will keep followers away. If you upload ten pictures in a day, you will hijack the feed of your followers and seeing too many of your posts can make them unfollow you. At the same time, you shouldn’t post too sparingly either. The golden mean would be one post a day or every other day. Unless you are attending an event, you would want to post more on that day, but again, do so sparingly. You can always click the pictures and upload them at a few days later to keep your followers interested.

How to Post on Instagram

Use Instagram Direct

Instagram Direct is a feature that allows you chat or share images directly with people you follow and those that follow you back. This allows people to talk to each other without having to share your conversation with all your followers. If you know someone regularly likes or comments on your posts, you can send them exclusive pictures to keep them interested.

Interact with Your Followers

Keep track of the activity on your handle. If someone likes and comment's on your photographs regularly, make sure you interact with them by thanking them for following and commenting on the post and also answer any questions that they may have.

Follow the Latest Instagram Trends

Everything in the information change is changing in the blink of an eye, so if you snooze, you lose. Be up to date with the latest trends on Instagram, and use them to garner more traction to your handle and your posts. By not following the trends, you risk losing your valuable followers.


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