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How to Reignite Passion for Work and Love What You are Doing?

by Feanna C.

How to Reignite Passion for Work, Reignite Passion for Work

Learn How to Love Your Work Again

Everyone is running in this rat race. The result is frustrated and bored work life. You feel no passion or enthusiasm to go to the office anymore. Remember the initial excitement of going to the office that you had when you first joined? That is nothing but a distant memory anymore right? Now it is one deadline after the other and just one boring day after the other. Do you ever ask yourself what changed?

Steps to Reignite your Passion for Work

Step 1: Go back to the Beginning

If you do not take time off to reflect then you will be running on low fuel. Reflect back on the time, when you decided to make a career in this field. Remember the first thing that inspired you about this field. What was your motivation behind this decision? What did you want to achieve when you first started out? Are you there yet? Are you on the path to achieve that? Take some time to reflect on your choices and your journey.

How to Reignite Passion for Work

Step 2: List Things that you Hate

You are feeling disillusioned and frustrated in your current work situation. If it helps you, it is more common than you can ever imagine. You might still be confused about what is lacking, but you will know for sure what are the things that cause you the maximum amount of stress. Make a list of all these stress-causing elements, and describe why and how they affect your life. The next thing to do is pinpoint a possible solution to these problems. You can continue aimlessly stressing and worrying about these issues, or you can actively think through your stress elements and face them upfront.

Step 3: Create a Better Job Schedule

For most people who are stressed due to work, have a very hectic and demanding work schedule. It causes all your energy and passion for work to bun out. Try to reduce your workload, by not accepting every possible new task or responsibility delegated to you. Make a strict routine and follow-through that. DO not take your work home and do not remain in office for unnecessary hours. According to a survey report published by the University of Montreal. And commute that takes more than 20mins, only adds to the stress. Your commute may interfere with your efficiency and job productivity. Discuss that with your boss, and try to form a better solution.

Reignite Your Passion for Work

Step 4: Expand Your Network

Networking is the word of the century. The company you keep and the connections you make shave significant influence on your work life. Go out of your way to meet new people who are working in your field, and even make new connections with people outside your network. You will be surprised to see how much you learn in the process. Discussing your passion and enthusiasm for the common field will make you appreciate your job once more.

Step 5: Maintain Your Health

You need to concentrate when you want to do something good, and you need a lot of energy to perform the tasks properly. If you do not take care of your physical and mental health, its effects will show on your work performance. You have to actually do the cliché things that you already know is better for you. Eat fresh home-cooked food, as much as possible. Do not go drinking on an office night, the next day you will wake up hungover and tired. Also, try to drink less in general if you cannot give it up entirely. Do some kind of physical activity that will keep you fit and energized.


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