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How To Report A Crime Anonymously?

by Mary R.

How To Report A Crime Anonymously, Anonymously Reporting a Crime

Ways for Anonymously Reporting a Crime

We understand the need for privacy can be just as important as seeing justice done. Anonymous tips have played a huge part in the capture of criminals over the years. So, you are allowed to maintain a semblance of privacy while reporting a crime. Do not be bullied into revealing your details if you wish to remain anonymous. The law doesn't say that you have to reveal information about yourself to report a crime. Sharing the crime in itself is the quality of a decent person, and it is considered to be a commendable deed. 

But let's not throw the idea entirely out of the window. There are times when the criminal cannot be brought to justice without eyewitnesses testimonies. These are the times when you have to step forward. You can save lives, when you cooperate and help the law catch criminals that are out to harm people, and steal from them.

The decline in crime rate bolsters people to come forward with information, but there are so many types of crimes that each of them has their own hotline. Here are a few types of crimes that you can report anonymously: trafficking, child pornography or child abuse, violent crime, terrorism, drug trafficking, arson, bomb, firearms, explosives, fraud, white caller crimes, and cyber-crimes.

 Report A Crime Anonymously
Report Anonymously at the local law enforcement's website:

Most of the law enforcement agencies have websites these days. Look up their website and find the page where you can report a crime. Some of you might be confused about where you should report the crime, should it be your local police department or FBI. There's no harm in reporting it to both. 

Report Anonymously to FBI:

If you are unable to find your local law enforcement website, you can fill the FBI Tips form. The form is not for emergencies, and they will tell you to call 911 in case of an emergency. Fill out the form at 


Dial 911:

Use this for emergencies and for reporting a crime in process. Answer the responder's questions calmly, and provide the location of the crime being committed. You do not have to share your name with the responder, but you need to tell him the details about the crime. If you don't have a phone in person, find a store or a phone booth where you can place a call. 

Reporting pornography or children being exploited online:

We understand your need for privacy, and here are a few ways you can anonymously report a child who's being exploited online. Do not hesitate to contact the authorities. The child is depending on you. 
  • Visit the website at On the home page, they have a Make A CyberTipline Report. Once you fill out the form, the staff will review the information and take measures to stop the online exploitation. 
Another way to report is to call the 24-hour hotline, 1-800-843-5678. 

Report A Crime Anonymously
Reporting Drug crimes to DEA:

DEA undertakes the large scale manufacture and trafficking of drugs and controlled substances. 


  • To report a crime of that scale, you can reach them at the website and look for the page to report or submit a tip.


To directly reach the DEA's diversion control division's online tips reporting visit They have different forms for different types of controlled substance crimes.

Reporting Cyber Crimes:

Staying anonymous while reporting a cyber-crime might not work out for you. You will have to provide details, such as the victim's name, address, and a lot of relevant information.

To find out more visit the IC3'S Website, where you can file a complaint online.

Report a crime online and offline:

Here's the USgov website that provides a detailed list of hotlines and forms specific to crimes. 

It provides hotlines, office locations, and online form submissions. 


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