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How To Report A Crime To the FBI?

by Rhon A.

How To Report A Crime To the FBI

How Do I Report a Crime to the FBI?

In the United States, President Trump made combating crime as the central attention of his campaign. He quoted it once at the time of his inaugural address. From thereon, his administration has been taking strict moves against criminals. The prosecutors are instructed to pursue the strongest possible charges against suspects of criminal offenses.

Facts about Crime in the United States:

  • In the United States, Violence crime has considerably reduced as compared to the past century
  • Over the long term, property crime has reduced significantly.
  • Public perception of crime in the US does not align with the actual data. They feel that more crimes are taking place. But, there is a considerable decrease in shows records.
  • There are large geographic differences in the crime rates in the United States
  • Most crimes are not reported to the police and so they remain unsolved.
How To Report A Crime To the FBI

So, if you come across any criminal activities near you or even you suspect such things, you can report to the FBI. Your question will be how to report. Let us help you find the answer here. But, before that, you should know when to contact the FBI. You should also know one thing for sure. If you feel that someone is in a danger on the cards, just call 911 or your local police as quickly as possible.

When to get in touch with the FBI?

If you feel that immediate law enforcement is required for an emergency, please call 911 straightaway. Otherwise, you should call your local police first. FBI stands for Federal Investigative and Intelligence Agency. This agency has jurisdiction in many federal crimes and national security matters like espionage, terrorism, computer/cybercrimes, and intrusions. Rather than the federal FBI, you can contact your local FBI office. Otherwise, you have the option to submit a tip electronically.


What kind of information can be given as a tip?

You can submit a tip electronically, in the following situations:

  • If you come across possible acts of terrorism including recruitment, funding, and violence.
  • Individuals sympathetic to terrorist organizations and terrorists
  • Suspicious activities that you doubt will affect national security. Particularly, the activities that involve foreign organizations and powers.
  • Intrusion to a computer network or other computer crimes and particularly the ones associated with the security of the nation.
  • Corrupt activities in the federal, local or state government organizations
  • Civil rights crimes, human trafficking, and racial or hate-based crimes.
  • Organized criminal activities.
  • Monetary crimes that involve a mortgage, corporate fraud or other investment fraud schemes, where considerable dollar losses have happened including those that impact you and your workplace.
  • Fraudulent activities in the healthcare industry
  • People with commitment or those planning to commit extortion, kidnapping, robbery or theft of valuable things, etc.

You can report a crime to the FBI in different ways. Here are some of them.

How Do I Report a Crime to the FB
Ways to report a crime:

You can report a violation of the United States Federal Law or can submit information in terrorism or criminal investigation in the following ways:

  • Using the FBI’s online tip or public lead forms
  • Contacting your local FBI field office or your nearest international office.
  • Reporting suspicious activity that involves the use of radiology, biology and chemical materials. To report, you can call the toll-free number of 855-835-5324
  • With the help of Tips and Public Leads form, you can report an email hoax or online scam. You can do this by filing a complaint online with the Internet Crime Complaint center of FBI.
  • In the case of major cases, you can contact the Major Case Contract Center at 1-800-225-5324.

To conclude, you can get to know much more information about reporting a crime to the FBI along with the contact details of your nearest FBI from the official website of the FBI.


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