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How to Ride a Hoverboard Like a Pro

by Eddie V.

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How to Ride a Hoverboard Like a Pro

Hoverboards are not what the name suggests. They are not floating or levitating skateboards from the world of science fiction, but rather a modified form of self-balancing skateboard or scooter. Unlike typical skateboards, Hoverboards are battery powered and has various foot pedals for acceleration and brake.

Hoverboards consist of various advanced sensors that allow for fine control of the board and has auto-balancing features. One of the main reasons for the exploding popularity of Hoverboards is primarily because of celebrity culture. A lot of American celebrities such as Wiz Khalifa, Kendall Jenner, Justin Bieber, and Nick Jonas have been seen riding on these Hoverboards at their homes.

Another major reason for the popularity of hoverboards is that the learning curve is fairly simple and easy to master when compared with a traditional skateboard and unlike a skateboard, the hoverboard is self-powered.

Hoverboards have exploded into the market as they provide a very convenient and innovative mode of self-transportation. Hoverboards are not just for entertainment but can be used as a viable means of transportation. The self-balancing technology that is incorporated into these hoverboards has made them very popular amongst teenagers and young children.


Riding a hoverboard

Unlike a skateboard which is just a wooden plank on four wheels, a self-balancing scooter or hoverboard has various control mechanisms and sensors that one needs to get a hang of. Putting the right foot on the board makes the board go forward not giving much time. Mentioned below is an easy-to-follow guide that makes it easy to master the hoverboard.

  • The first thing that beginners should do is ensure that their hoverboards are completely charged. These hoverboards can be easily plugged into a suitable power supply and the battery can be recharged. There is no front or back to such hoverboards and they can be placed in any orientation.
  • The hoverboard is then turned and placed right in front of the feet. An important thing to remember here is that your feet should be as wide as possible (within the length of the board)
  • Once the hoverboard is on and the rider is ready, they can begin by placing one fo their foot, either right or left on to the board. As soon as the foot is placed and a pressure is applied, the board will begin to move forward. The feet should be planted firmly and should be as close to the wheels as possible. After putting the first step on, the rider should quickly and instinctively place the other foot as if climbing stairs or stepping on to a ledge.
  • Once the rider is on the board, it is important to look front and not downwards. The hoverboard should be parallel to the ground and not at an incline. The body might stiffen up initially, but the rider should relax and get the feel of the board. The self-balancing feature will kick-in and the rider will begin to understand the dynamics of the hoverboard.
  • Turning the hoverboard is an extremely simple process. If the rider wants to turn left then the right pedal is pressed and the left pedal is for turning right.

On the legality of hoverboards

Despite the immense popularity of hoverboards, England, New York, and certain other governments have banned hoverboards from being used as modes of transportation. The main reason behind this is that hoverboards might disrupt traffic when used on the sidewalks. While it is perfectly legal to use them within the confines people’s own homes, it cannot be used as a means of transportation either on the streets or on the sidewalk. Hoverboard riders who break this law are usually met with fines and other forms of penalties.


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