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How to Take a Screen Shot on a PC

by Toni S.

Screenshot, How to Screenshot on PC

How to Take a Screen Shot on a PC

Taking a screenshot or a screen capture is one of the most useful features that Windows users often employ when managing multiple tasks. While there are a lot of third party software such as the Snipping Tool, Windows provides a hardwired way to take screenshots easily with the screen capture button present on the keyboard knowns “print screen”. There are multiple uses and advantages of taking screenshots. Some of the various uses are mentioned below.

  • Save important information- Instead of taking down notes or copy-pasting individual content from each window, screenshots provide a simple and time-efficient way of saving useful information.
  • Manage documents and emails - A lot of working professionals often need to communicate data points and reports to various stakeholders. Noting down individual data sets can be a tedious and time-consuming process. Instead, taking a screenshot is a simpler much more effective way of capturing reports and data and sending them in one shot.
  • Make minor edits on the go- The screenshots that have been taken on windows can be opened on the MS Paint software. Here, the user can choose the image as they fit, highlighting key sets of information or hiding sensitive data. Such seamless editing is not possible in other kinds of media.
  • Simpler than MacOS- MacOS has a number of apps for taking screenshots. The most popular being Mojave. Mojave offers a lot of options and selection tools, whereas on PC the process is extremely simple. While the PC feature may not have as many customizations on the go, it is possible to edit the image in any way the user sees on MS Paint as mentioned above.
  • Label, save and categorize efficiently- All the screenshots that are taken are saved in the Documents folder. Once the screenshots have been taken, users can open it in MS Paint by opening the software and giving the command- Ctrl + V. Once the image is pasted on MS paint the user can save the image with a chosen file name. Such snapshots can be sent attached with mail or pasted in the main body of messages for effective communication.
  • Maintain the authenticity of communication- Snapshots of messages, chats, and emails can be taken and safely saved for keeping a secured record of communication. This is primarily used in corporate offices and businesses where relevant messages and emails often need to restated or sent to other stakeholders. This also prevents any chance of deniability that the sender of the messages may claim.
How to Screenshot on PC

Taking screenshots on Windows PC

There are two main tools that are popularly used on windows for capturing the screen. The first as mentioned above is the conveniently located print screen button on the keyboard. The print screen button, while simple has certain limitations. The main disadvantage is that users cannot choose the portion of the screen they wish to capture and must capture the entire screen as it is. The screenshot needs to be separately edited as Paint file for it to be of utility. This not only is a time-consuming process but also introduces inaccuracies while editing.

A better Windows tool for taking a screenshot is using the Snipping Tool. It is a free software which is available online and has simple yet powerful features. Using the Snipping Tool, users can modify the screenshot, take shots of selected portions, highlight the useful information or mark-out or illustrate various data using a marker-tool. For a software so simple and small in size, the Snipping Tool is an extremely powerful tool that widely used in the office space.



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