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Guide to Alarm Clock on iPad: Here is How to Set Up your Alarm Clock on your iPad

by Kyle B.

Alarm Clock iPad, How to Setup Alarm Clock on Your iPad

How to Set an Alarm on Your iPad Clock

Gone are the days when you had to set an alarm on an ordinary clock to wake you up on time. In this time of iPhone and iPad, all you need to do is to set an alarm clock on your iPad or iPhone and you will never be late for work, miss a class or a big game that you have wanted to watch for a long time. And yes, it will help you hit snooze as well if you require a few extra minutes of sleep!

While some of you might not find the ability of the iPad to act as an alarm clock intriguing at all, it is true that most people do not use iPad to set an alarm. iPad is mostly used to stream movies, play games and browse the internet, and you might overlook its potential to act as an alarm clock. In fact, you can even replace the ringing alarm with music. 

You do not have to bother installing an app to set an alarm on your iPad. The World Clock app is one of the default apps that comes with the iPad. You can either set an alarm on your iPad using Siri or launch the World Clock app.

Setting an Alarm Clock on your iPad Using Siri

All you need to do is to tell Siri to do it for you and it gets done! Siri is Apple’s voice recognition personal assistant and so it will set an alarm for you once you ask it to do so! Even though you cannot fine-tune the alarm, such as picking out your favorite song or setting the alarm for a specific day of the week, it is a great option if all you want to do is to wake up on time.

Here is how to set an alarm clock using Siri:

1.    Hold down the Home Button and launch into Siri.

2.    When Siri beeps, just say, “Set an alarm for 6 AM tomorrow.

3.    Siri, in turn, will set the alarm for you as per your instructions. It also provides you with the option to turn off the alarm clock by using the slider on the screen to switch it off.

If you face problems activating Siri, check to see that you are not at the iPad's lock screen, and also make sure that Siri is turned on in the iPad settings.

Setting an Alarm on your iPad Using its World Clock App

You do not have to use Siri to set an alarm if you don’t want to. The World Clock app on your iPad enables you to set an alarm manually. Moreover, it also allows you to wake up to your favorite song or music.

Here is what you need to do to set an alarm on your iPad using the World Clock app:

1.    Click or launch the World Clock app.

2.    Tap the Alarm button on the screen’s bottom (between the Bedtime and the World Clock) once you are inside the app.

3.    Click on the Plus Sign which is located right in the upper right corner. A pop-up window will appear allowing you to add an alarm.

4.    You can choose the time that you want the alarm to go off using the scroll bars in the Add Alarm window.

5.    Tapping on Repeat will help you set the alarm for whichever days of the week you want the alarm to sound. The app is quite flexible in the sense that it is possible to create an alarm and customize it to go off on the days that you choose, and create another alarm to go off on the days that you don’t work.

6.    You can choose your own ringtone or your favorite song that you already have stored on your iPad for the alarm tone.

7.    You can switch off the Snooze button by just tapping the Snooze slider to switch it off.

8.    The World Clock app on your iPad also enables you to name multiple alarms. All you need to do is to tap Label to set a custom name for each of your individual alarm.

Go ahead and throw away all your old alarm and set an alarm on your iPad clock which is easier and quicker.


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