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Google Chromecast Setup: How to Quickly Set up Chromecast

by Keren P.

Google Chromecast, Google Chromecast Setup

A Full Guide for Google Chromecast Setup

A handy and reasonably priced gadget, Google Chromecast enables its users to seamlessly stream music, images, and videos to their television sets via their mobile devices or computers. While the device may not be extremely robust, it is highly convenient.

Chromecast can be controlled by any user via a mobile device or a computer instead of a remote. It does not stream the content directly from a computer, tablet, or smartphone but gets instructions and streams the content from the Web.

The apps of Chromecast help the users to stream the content from their mobile devices and computers directly. While Chromecast may lag behind Roku as far as versatility is concerned, it is the most economical streaming devices around (Roku has an easily navigable Operating System with more number of channels). Chromecast also features an easier setup in comparison to a majority of its rivals.

To set up Chromecast, you require a television featuring an HDMI port, a mobile device or a computer with the Google Chrome browser, and Wi-Fi connectivity. You just have to connect the HDMI port of your TV and the Chromecast, navigate to your PC’s  Simply download this app and then follow all the instructions mentioned there.

Google Chromecast
Check out the following steps for Chromeset setup:

1. Connect the Chromeset to your television set

It is an infallible part of the setup process. You need to simply connect the Chromecast into the HDMI port of your TV set, as well as, the USB cable into a power outlet or a compatible port.

2. You have to download the app Google Home next

The app called Google Home can be easily acquired from either the Apple App or the Google Play Store. A majority of Android devices already have it preinstalled.

When you want to use Chromecast through your computer, the Google Home app is not required. Rather, you have only to install Google Chrome. You have to simply visit the website for Google's Chromecast and just go through the instructions. Choose the right input after turning on your television though you can complete a majority of Chromecast’s setup steps without the Google Home app.

3. Go to Google Home and choose Devices
You will notice it on the screen’s upper right corner. You can even see a prompt on the screen’s bottom corner for setting up the new device.

Google Chromecast Setup

4. Choose Set Up next
In the next step, you will find Google Home setting up the Chromecast. Simply tap on Continue if prompted.

5. You need to check the given code now to match against your television
A code will be displayed on the television screen and your app. Choose Yes in case both these codes match.

6. Select a name
It is also possible to adjust Guest options and privacy on the screen that appears.

7. You need to ensure that your Chromecast is connected to the Internet
Select a network and then key in the password manually or get it from your mobile phone. You need to make sure to use your apps and the Chromecast within the same network next.

8. Optionally, sign in to Google account
There is no hard and fast rule of signing in. However, there will be access to all the content on YouTube, as well as, music, TV, and films bought through Google.

9. You can optionally go through the tutorial
In case you are yet to start using a Chromecast, it may come handy to go through the Google Home demonstration on the working of Chrome. Simply follow the given instructions so that your task becomes easier.




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