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Best Ways to Share Your Struggles with Your Partner

by Rhon A.

Best Ways to Share Your Struggles with Your Partner

How to Share Your Struggles with Your Partner?

Relationships are like a roller coaster ride. There are moments when things are always on the high and then there are times when it feels like things are always on the low. Relationships are never easy and require a certain level of work, time, adjustment, commitment and an eagerness to work together.

Life is always unpredictable and there are moments when we struggle to cope with it. It's very important to be able to share our struggles with our partners in life, as it not only helps us recuperate and recover but also makes the process much easier.

There are many ways for us to share our struggles with our partners, without hampering the relationship. Though every individual undergoes very different issues with life and it's never easy to generalize them, a few fundamentals of understanding always remain the same.

Best Ways to Share Your Struggles with Your Partner

1. Accepting the struggle

It is very important to first accept a problem to be able to solve it. There are so many occasions when we try to undermine our issues and swipe them under the rug. But they always come up at some point. So in order to be able to discuss and solve an issue, its imperative to first accept it.

2. Having a clear communication

Whether the struggle is emotional, financial or any other, honest and clear communication goes a long way in solving the biggest of the problems. While discussing a struggle with your partner, its imperative to be truthful and honest about your feelings. This not only makes it easier for your partner to understand your point of view but also helps them in giving the right solution applicable in each case.

3. Make an Effort Towards Solving

It is important to always work on your struggles, as we have the best vantage point of our struggles and can best deal with it, while our partners can only help us in supporting us. This not only helps us keep an optimistic outlook, but also gains us respect and admiration from our partner who realizes the difficulty we're going through and can help motivate us to continue to work to negate our struggles. What one can do, two can complete!

Share Struggles with Your Partner

 4. Never Get Negative

While sometimes our struggles seem too overwhelming, it is always important to never fall into a negative mindset about it. This not only affects us but also affects our partners. This further creates tension and makes the effort of recovering even more difficult. Having a positive outlook towards our struggles, helps us maintain harmony in our relationship and helps us deal with our struggle with much ease than normal.

5. Being Grateful For Our Partner

We should always hold gratitude towards our partners when they understand our struggles. Whether they can help us or not, being grateful for the support goes the extra mile in strengthening the bond of the relationship. Tough times and struggles build our character and partners who can support each other in such times of struggle are some of the luckiest ones and should always admire each other for having their back and understanding.

6. Not to make our struggle, our partners struggle too.

While sharing our struggles with our partner is a healthy way of dealing with the issues, it's really important to not try to make it their struggle too. We should remember that they may or may not be able to help us deal with our issues. Our struggles should first be dealt with by us alone as our partners might have their own issues to deal with. Whatever support and encouragement our partners provide us should be accepted with gratitude.


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