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How to Show My Ex Boyfriend I Have Changed?

by Chris A.

How to Show My Ex Boyfriend I Have Changed, Ex Boyfriend

How to Prove to Your Ex You've Changed?

Sometimes you want your ex back. The heart doesn't listen despite how much your mind shouts.

Your ex might not be willing to listen to either. If you find them saying that your apologies are too little too late, what do you do?

Your ex-boyfriend should be addressed with care and patience. Too many couples close themselves off after a bad breakup, and the act of closing themselves off seals the fate of the relationship regardless of any dialogue that occurs after the fact.

Making yourself vulnerable again is one way of showing him you've changed. As always, make sure you're getting back together for the right reasons. Once you've made your mind up, it's time to get your ex back into your life, mentally, physically, and emotionally. This isn't the easy way forward. This requires serious emotional labor and problem solving from both sides. Let's get into it.

How to Show My Ex Boyfriend I Have Changed
Don't Sell Yourself, Show Yourself Off

The cliche of tossing out empty remarks of how you've changed will do little to persuade your ex back into your life. You need to address the elephants in the room, any little rodents in the room that were creating a toxic environment as well, and air out your dirty laundry before things look better. Use your actions to show how you've made changes.

Your actions should carry deadlines, consequences for failure, and simple methods for both of you to know how much progress you're making. If your ex found you too clingy, you'll need to embark on more personal experiences and let real life make an impact on you. Only confidence and experience can make you less clingy, not words.

If your ex found you disrespectful of his space, you need to be willing to let him spend personal time by himself, his hobbies or friends and learn to live with that for the future.

If your ex found you too controlling, you'll need to actively dial back your behavior and find ways to involve both of you in the decision making process. The show, don't tell how you're different this time. There are no shortcuts here, only legitimate effort and actions taken that should serve as proof.

How To Show My Ex-Boyfriend I Have Changed? Set New Expectations

The past needs to remain where it is. You need to approach your ex with new vibes that promise him a new you. Talk aloud your expectations and his. If there's any actions or decisions in the past you both haven't gotten over, you'll need to address them now and nip them in the bud.

Your long term relationship is doomed if you don't address the niggling, dangerous elephants in the room that you don't want to talk about.

Ex Boyfriend

How To Prove To Your Ex You’ve Changed? With Patience and Love

Sometimes your ex stonewalls you. They don't want to hear it. They have their guards up, and that's understandable.

Forcing your ex to listen to your phone calls, notifications, or pleas in this state is counterproductive. You want to back off, and give them plenty of space to consider things. If they feel too smothered by you, they'll want to keep their distance to protect themselves. Show them you are patient, caring, and willing to listen to their side of the story to coax them out of their shell.

Give them a safe space to talk, and you'll find that dialogue is one of the most powerful tools you have in your possession. Give them the power to walk away at any time during your talk, and you gain their trust. Enough trust to buy you time to open a dialogue and sort things out. If they abuse your trust in this stage, you might be better off reconsidering. Work in good faith, but if your good faith isn't returned, you might want to rethink things.

Showcase The New You

Remind your ex what it was like to be in a relationship with you once again. Show them how you've changed and evolved since time has passed. Despite your difficulties, you want to present yourself as the woman your ex fell in love with.

Show them what it means to be in a healthy, positive relationship with you this time.

If you can show your ex how you've changed, then an honest, genuine plea is your best bet at getting back together. That means making yourself vulnerable again.

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