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How to Unclog a Toilet? The Full Guide!

by Garry S.

How to Unclog a Toilet, Plunger, Toilet Snake

Clogged Toilet? Here is How to Fix it!

A clogged toilet is any person's nightmare. A toilet is said to be clogged when you flush, but instead of your feces going down with the water, it comes up. Most people get paralyzed at this point. Do not worry as a few simple tricks can help you to solve this horrible problem. The first action you must do is to ensure that the toilet bowl does not get filled up. If it appears that the water could overflow out, then take the lid off as fast as possible. Close the attached toilet flapper. The latter releases the tank water and into the connected bowl. In case you are afraid the flush may turn to flood, take the top off prior to pulling the concerned trigger. You can then keep one hand near to flapper and use your other hand to push flusher. When it is clear the water will rise, you are ready to stop the flood.

Correct plunger

Since you have avoided the disaster, it is time to unsheathe the plunger. You must use the latter in an effective manner so that a good seal is obtained between plunger and toilet bowl. The best plungers are funnel cup plungers. These can be recognized by the presence of an added piece or flange which extends off the rubber cup bottom.

How to Unclog a Toilet

Make plumber soft by warming it up

Hard plungers are not as effective as pliant soft ones. To make a hard plunger soft, run it for some time under hot water prior to using it. This will soften the rubber. This will assist you to get a much better seal on the toilet bowl.

The plunge should be right

Stick plunger in the bowl. Use it to get a hard and solid seal over exit hole. Most people concentrate on downward push while giving less importance to the pullback. This is a wrong strategy as the pullback is equally important. Do a few up and down strokes with the plunger and then flush toilet. In case the water clears from the toilet, you are successful in your mission to unclog the toilet. If it begins to overflow as before, then close flapper to stop the water so that it does not enter the bowl. Repeat this sequence until the clog disappears.

Add dishwasher detergent and hot water

Pour multiple cups of hot water to toilet bowl prior to plunging. After you pour water, allow it to rest for a few minutes. The heat breaks up any hard feces. This will make the process of unclogging toilet much easier. The hot water heater may break up clog without any plunging action. This is an excellent tactic if you are in a house with no plunger. To make the break up more effective, add dishwasher detergent.


Use auger if it is a hard clog

You must use the auger if the plunger is found to be ineffective. This takes the form a cable like a device which snakes via toilet hole to loosen the clog. To use it, snake this cable down the needed hole. Begin to turn the crank until it stops. This means the auger has reached the clog. You can now either pull the clog out or break it. Throw away any waste sticking to the auger end. Use the plunger to throw out any remaining pieces of blockage.

Good to avoid clogged toilets

The best way to clean clogs is not to have one at all. You should teach your child that the toilet is not equal to a jacuzzi or any water ride. Most clogged toilets are found to have toys or other things which kids have flushed away.


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