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How to Update Internet Explorer

by Sarah H.

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How to Update Internet Explorer

The internet explorer is the default web browser that comes pre-installed with Microsoft Windows. It was once, one of the most popularly used graphic-based web browsers and reached a usage percentage of 95% by the year 2003.

The internet explorer has been designed to provide a wide range of features and web support applications. It also has the Microsoft update feature which auto-detects old applications and updates them. Some of the basic features that come with the internet explorer are-

  • HTML support of multiple versions such as HTML 4.01, HTML5, CSS Level 1, Level 2, DOM Level 1 and XML 1.0.
  • The Internet Explorer is completely compliant with XSLT 1.0 as well as many obsolete versions. The browser is also compliant with all the features of CSS 2.1 which was added with the release of Internet Explorer 8.
  • The subsequent version of the browser, Internet Explorer 9 had an advanced trident rendering engine which received the highest score in the official W3C conformance tests for the CSS 2.1 suite.
  • The Internet Explorer also completely supports and also a subset of the SVG.
Internet Explorer

Simple ways of updating the Internet Explorer

Microsoft has stopped the support of Internet Explorer after the release of the IE 11. The Internet Explorer cannot be updated beyond the IE 11 version and it only comes with Microsoft Windows 7 and 8.1. It is also included as a separate extension in Windows 10, but the default browser in these recent versions of the OS is Microsoft Edge. Updating from previous versions of the IE to the last IE 11 is an extremely simple process. Mentioned below are the steps one can take to update their existing web browsers.

  • The home page of the Internet Explorer 11 needs to be opened which has various options for downloading versions of the web browser and updating them. The download page is to be accessed for viewing the various download and update options.
  • Once the update file has been selected users are prompted with a language select option and along with selecting the right version for the update (namely, for 32-bit and 64-bit OS).
  • Once the right operating system has been selected, the update begins automatically. Even the previous OS version of Windows 7 will work on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 as long as the correct bit configuration is selected. The users can very easily check the bit-configuration of their OS by checking the properties of the This PC icon.
  • The internet explorer setup file is usually downloaded directly onto the desktop and launching begins the installation process. The users have to only click yes when the setup asks for a confirmation.
  • The users are presented with a series of extremely easy-to-follow instructions and the official Microsoft License and Agreement form which the users need to agree to. Once the installation is complete, the users will need to restart their computers for the setup to completely finish.

An alternate method for updating Internet Explorer

On the installed version of IE, there is a settings bar on the top right-hand side. The last option in this settings section is the “About Internet Explorer” option. Clicking on this shows an info screen regarding the various details of the current version. Underneath these details is an option for directly updating to the latest version of the web browser. After checking the radio box for the update the user needs to click close and the browser will begin updating in the background.

Once the update is complete, the users will be reminded of the update and will need to restart their computer for the update to take full effect.


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