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YouTube Upload Guide: Learn how to Upload Videos on YouTube

by Kelly B.

YouTube, How to Upload Video on YouTube

YouTube: How to Upload a Video

YouTube is without a doubt the most popular video service out there on the internet. The site has over a billion active users each month. With such a large audience, it is undoubtedly one of the best ways of making yourself heard to a large group of people.

There are many ways of uploading a video on YouTube. Before getting started, no matter which platform you’re on, you need to sign in to your account. There’s no way to upload a video without signing into your account. If you have an existing Google account, you can use that to upload videos on YouTube. If not, then you’ll have to create a Google account.


If you’re on PC or MAC, point your browser towards Once there, click on the big blue Sign In button which you’ll find on the top right corner of the screen. Fill in your login details and you’re in. On mobile, you can use the free YouTube mobile app or use your phones web browser to sign in. Regardless of which method you use, you can sign in by tapping on the three white dots which you’ll find on the top right corner of your screen. After tapping that, tap on the Sign In option that appears. Enter your Google account details and you’re in.

How to upload a video through a desktop

  1. After signing in, click on the upload arrow icon which will be near your Google profile photo. You’ll find it on the top right corner of the screen.
  2. After clicking the upload arrow icon, you will be on a page which will let you start uploading a video instantly. You can either drag and drop a video into the middle of the screen or click on the big arrow which is in the middle of the screen. YouTube supports these formats –
    1. .MOV
    2. .MPEG4
    3. .MP4
    4. .AVI
    5. .WMV
    6. .MPEGPS
    7. .FLV
    8. 3GPP
    9. WebM
  3. While waiting for your video to upload, you can fill out details and change the video settings depending on your preferences. You can change information such as the title of the video, description of the video as well as add tags which will help the YouTube algorithm understand what your video is about. This will help it show the video to people who are searching for similar content.
How to Upload Video on YouTube

How to upload a video through the mobile app

  1. On the mobile app, tap on the camcorder icon which will be in the top right corner of your smartphones’ screen.
  2. There are two ways of uploading a video on the YouTube mobile app. You can scroll through different thumbnails of your phone or tablets most recently recorded videos. You can also record a video through the YouTube app and upload it from there directly.
  3. The mobile app gives you a few simple editing tools to play around with. This is followed by a tab which will let you jot down your videos’ details. You can enter details such as title, description and privacy. When you’re satisfied with the details that you’ve entered, you can upload the video to YouTube’s servers by tapping on the upload button which is on the top right corner of your screen.
  4. After tapping on the upload button, you will see a progress bar which will show you how long your video will take to upload.

It’s really that simple. If you’d like to show the world your art whether it’s dancing, singing, painting and so on, YouTube is a great place to do it in. It has a huge community of people actively searching for content and who knows? You might make it big.


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