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Google Translate: Learn How to Use the Handy Google Tool

by Billy T. K.

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How to Use Google Translate

There is so many time when we get stuck with a simple piece of information as it is written in a different language. It can be a recipe for an international delicacy, or it just might be some instructions or specifications on how to use a product. A few lines in French or Italian even Latin are scattered here and there in all the books we read. Not knowing the meaning drives us crazy. To help you with all that of simple daily translations. Google translate not just lets you translate small passages, but you can also translate whole websites with the help of Google translate.

Here are the steps on how to use Google translate

Log into the website – Copy the text that you want to translate from any website or page of your choice. You can also type in the text if you so wish. You can even type in foreign language text by simply adding regional or foreign language option to your keyboard through the control panel. Once done with the copying, paste the required text for translation on the left area. If you are typing, then you will notice the handwriting button which is helpful to draw characters in case of non-Latin languages.

Google Translate
Language selection – Generally Google translate detects the language of the text given for translation. In case it fails to do so, you should select the language in question. On clicking the listen button, you will be able to hear a computer generated audio of the text you have given for translation.

Translated text – If your default language is English, then Google will automatically translate your text into English. In case you want the text to be translated into another language, other than your default language of English, then select the button with the star on it to see the language options. Generally, the translation happens instantaneously but if it doesn’t then click on the translate button. Here also you can click on the listen button to have an audio of the text.

This greatly helps foreign language enthusiasts. In case you know the language well, and a mistake be it grammatical, conceptual or simple spelling then make sure you report it by clicking the wrong button. After you make the necessary changes, you can click the contribute button. If Google finds your translation more apt or accurate, your translation will get replaced by the previous ones. If you are sure of certain mistakes, make it a point to change it and correct it. This helps greatly in improving services.

For translating websites

  • Visit Google translate
  • Copy the website URL, paste it and then select the language in which you want the page to be translated into
  • Click on the link
  • It might take a few seconds, but you will have the page translated
Google Translate Spanish

For Youtube videos that are blocked

  • Visit Google translate
  • Copy the youtube link
  • Paste the link and select any language
  • The comments and the writing will be in the language you chose, but the video will play

Google Translate App

You can use this app if you frequently need small passages to be translated. The app has very easy navigation. Anyone familiar with the website can use it. The additional features that the app has are, it lets you use a camera to scan the text you want for a translation. You can also dictate the text. You can, of course, write the text if your phone supports the action. Typing is also possible on the mobile device for the text to be translated.

Do remember that Google translate is not accurate. A machine is performing the translation sot might lose many of its human touches. You should use Google translate as a guideline and not as impeccable translation.


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