8 Things You Can Do with an
Advanced People Search

The internet provides us with access to practically any information we need, and it allows us to find data in a variety of subjects. Aside from gaining knowledge in science, history, and watching cat videos,you can also find important details about the people in your life.

An advanced people search engine grants you access to public records about yourself and other people, and you can use advance people search directories to perform the 8 following queries!

By David Smith - July 2, 2022


Find Unclaimed Money in 60 Seconds!

As of 2020, there are more than $50 billion in unclaimed money in all 50 US states. People that this money belongs to are unaware they are entitled to funds that have accumulated over the years, causing the money to "stand" in place.

With an advanced people search, you can find unclaimed money that belongs to you and your family members and claim it back when you desire. With an average of $900 for every person who is owed unclaimed money, there is a great chance you can claim back at least several hundreds or thousands of dollars that is rightfully yours.

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Find Out the Truth About People with a Phone Number Search!

At an age where the great majority of people own at least one phone, a reverse phone number search can help you find plenty of information about individuals based on their phone number. Phone numbers are connected to public records, so, by searching for phone numbers with a public records search directory, you will get access to official data about people.

To find information about people based on their phone number, you need to enter a phone number into a number-based public records search directory.

Then, you will get public records information that includes the names of the phone number owners, their social media profiles, criminal records, marriage records, real name, birth records, and much more.

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Find Out History and Information about Anyone!

When meeting new people, you can never be 100% certain that they are telling you the truth about who they are. This is especially true with people you meet online and not in real life, like in dating websites, for instance.

To get accurate information about the people in your life, you can use an advanced people search engine; once you enter an identifying piece of information about a certain individual, you will get data about their true identity and their past; aside from their real name and aliases, you can also get access to contact information, marriage records, divorce records, criminal records, sex offender registries, and much more.

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Find Sex Offenders Leaving Near You!

With nearly 900,000 registered sex offenders in the United States as of 2020, it is imperative to find out if people you know have a violent criminal past. Information about sex offenders is a matter of public record, and an advance people search will provide you with data about sex offenders in an area that you have questions about.

To find information about people based on their phone number, you need to enter a phone number into a number-based public records search directory.

When you enter information about a certain person into a sex offender search directory, you will be able to discover if he/she is a registered sex offender. For a wider search, you can enter a zip code into a different directory and find out who are the registered sex offenders in that area, what crimes they committed, where they live, and much more!

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Find Criminal and Arrest Records on Anyone in the United States!

Nearly a third of Americans have a criminal record from their past or present. Most people do not disclose information about their criminal past for various reasons. If you have questions about a person's criminal past, for whatever reason it may be, you can perform a criminal and arrest records search on an advanced people search directory.

The search results include the name of the person, their mugshots, where they were arrested, what crimes they committed, and more. The data can help you protect yourself and your loved ones in cases where you suspect someone that you know maybe hiding a violent criminal past.

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Find Property and Address Information on Anyone!

An address search can provide you with valuable data about properties in the United States as well as the people who reside in them. For those who are considering purchasing a home or another property, an address search with advance people search is imperative.

The public records search will give you details about the property, such as debts that are registered to the address, mortgage information, census data about the neighborhood, prices of homes in the area, and more. You can also look-up data about the people who reside in the property and find out if they are its owners or not, along with other public records data about them.

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Find Marriage & Divorce Records, Court Records, and Police Records!

Marriage and divorce records are more records that you can find with an advanced people search directory. These types of records can help you discover if someone that you have questions about is/was married. The search scans public records in the county where the search is performed, granting you access to legal court records, such a marriage and divorce records.

Court records also include police records that can provide you with information about people's criminal past and trials they were a part of. Evictions are also part of the court record information in advanced people search engines, so you can get a great deal of information about people, based on their name, phone number, physical address, or email address.

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Find a Celebrity Background Check!

Celebs have also been a fascination for many people who are curious about the glamorous lifestyle of the rich and the famous. However, many people also tend to forget that celebs are normal individuals with an imperfect life. Public records contain information about celebs, so you can also perform a celebrity background check about the famous people that you are curious about.

With such a check, you can find out celebs' aliases, what crimes they committed, where they used to live, and much more. Use an advance people search to find the people you admire and discover more about the lives of America's most famous.

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