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Snap Map: This is How to Use It!

by Billy T. K.

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How to Use Snap Map?

Snapchat can be used for a lot more than just chatting away; these days, you can use a handy feature on Snapchat to share your location with your friends and contacts. It can be done when location filters are applied to snaps of yours. However, that is not all as the Snap Map feature of Snapchat provides a brand new technique for your location sharing.

All about Snapchat’s Snap Map

The Snap Map is Snapchat’s interactive map utility that can be used by you when you want your friends to know your location. It is also possible to see your friends on Snap Map if they have shared their location or place with you. Plus, in case your contacts have enabled the integration of Snapchat with their Bitmoji account, the map will display as Bitmoji characters.

Aside from sharing a location, there is a feature called “Our Story” on Snap Map. The feature enables the user to include their snaps from a particular site to the story collection of that particular location. Hence, if a user wishes to see that specific story collection through the Snap Map, all snaps can be seen from all the contributors for “Our Story” for the specific location.

how to use snap map
How to Use Snap Map with Snapchat

For both Android and iOS mobile devices, there are 3 different ways to access the Snapchat app’s Snap Map. All these methods are quite easy to follow and use.

1. Go to the Discover screen and tap on a map story
Snap Map’s stories can get featured here and you can simply tap on a Map Story to see it.

2. Access Snap map’s Search screen by tapping the magnifying glass available on any screen top
On your search screen, you will find Snap Map’s small version below the search function. Simply tap on it get a full-screen view.

3. Zoom out on Discover, friends or camera screen by pinching your fingers
Put your thumb and index finger together on one of the 3 primary screens on that screen’s outer area. Then gradually drag them together similar to the action of zooming out. You will find the map appearing on your screen.

Snapchat Map

SnapChat Map Explore Feature

One of the great features of the SnapChat Map is 'explore': like the feature's name suggests, SnapChat Map explore allows you to see what's going on with your friends, and also with people from around the world. To use the SnapChat Map Explore feature, you need to swipe on the updates at the bottom of the map screen. Also, you will be able to discover SnapChat Map stories and see what other people are up to when using the awesome explore feature.

SnapChat Map Stories

Like with the story feature in other social and texting apps, the SnapChat Map allows you to share what you are doing while you are doing it. With the SnapChat Map status feature, you will be able to show your activity, and choose a Bitmoji while you do it. That way, you SnapChat friends will be able to see what you do, and who knows? Maybe they'll want to join you and hang out.

Snapchat Map
How to Use Snap Map and Its Different Features

As you are already familiar with the steps for accessing the Snap map, it is time to learn ways of using it. Check out the following ways you can use the Snap Map tool from your Snapchat App.

1. Search the location of your friends
If you want to know the location of your friend, Snapchat’s map feature can help you to do so. Go to Search on your screen top and check out a particular friend or acquaintance on this map.

2. View locations of your friends
If your friends have shared their whereabouts, i.e. locations with you, they will be visible on your Snap Map. You can tap on one of these friends to begin a chat or can even visit heir profile by tapping and holding.

3. See story collection for popular events or locations
By navigating to the map’s colored portions, you can view story collections for popular events and sites. You can go to one of the popular sections of Snap Map to view stories added to a particular story collection by simply tapping it.

4. The heat Map feature can be used for viewing the snaps shared by others
Use any finger of yours for dragging your map around to view the location from where your friends are snapping. It can be understood as your Snap Map will have color splashes on it. While red means plenty of snaps, blue means only a few snaps are being taken. For instance, you can simply tap on a particular colored area on the map and see what snaps have been shared by your friends from there.

Snap Chat is a great platform for sharing photos and videos, and not just that. With the app's handy map feature, you can track down your friends and also let them know where you are. So, now that you know how to use Snap Map, share away locations wherever you are. 


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