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How to Watch Amazon Prime on Apple TV

by Garry S.

Amazon Prime, How to Watch Amazon Prime on Apple TV

A Guide for Viewing Amazon Prime on Apple TV

Tens of millions of Amazon Prime subscribers in the USA can enjoy cool shows like Mr. Robot, Veep, and Vikings. As a result, a lot of Apple TV owners are keen on accessing Amazon’s Prime Video service on their devices.

Amazon ensured Prime Video apps are available not just for iPad and iPhone but for Apple TV too, making it simple to view Amazon’s content on the television with an Apple TV. Users must install the Amazon Prime Video app, either directly on your iOS device or your Apple TV.

Before starting

Amazon Prime videos can only be watched with an Amazon Prime subscription. While Amazon users are able to enjoy a few free shows without a subscription, a lot of what you locate on the Prime Video app needs the paid subscription.

You need to own a third-generation or later Apple TV device. Prime Video is not compatible with anything older than that, even with a valid Amazon Prime account.

When users receive free, two-day shipping with regards to their Prime membership but are unable to access Prime Video, this is due to the account holder not giving that user permission. When you join the family where one user pays for Amazon Prime and includes you like a deal, the Prime account holder must share the Prime benefits with you prior to you taking advantage of Prime videos. When two users join an Amazon household and share payment, they are both able to use Prime Video.

Amazon Prime

How to get Amazon Prime Video App on Apple TV

Step 1: Turn on your Apple TV and travel to the main menu

Step 2: choose the app store icon on the screen

Step 3: Find Amazon Prime Video in the tvOS App Store. If you are unable to locate it, choose the search option on top of your screen or press the microphone button on the remote to initiate the voice search option.

Step 4: Choose the Amazon Prime Video icon once it is found to open the information screen.

Step 5: Selecting install will install the Amazon Prime Video app on Apple TV. Select the icon any time you wish to find a show to watch.

How to Watch Amazon Prime on Apple TV

How do I use Prime Video on my iPhone and iPad?

If you would rather use one of your iOS apps to view Amazon Prime videos, you could download the app onto your iPad or iPhone. Once you install the app, you can now use it for streaming Amazon Prime videos on your Apple TV on top of using it to watch, rent and browse your way through the selection.

Step 1: Select the App Store icon on the iPhone or iPad to download the Amazon Prime Video app.

Step 2: Select the Amazon Prime Video app to sign in with your Amazon Prime account and password. You could immediately start viewing Prime Video content on your iOS device now.

If you wish to watch movies on the Apple TV instead of the iOS device, you can select the AirPlay feature on the iOS device to direct your videos to your Apple TV.

  • Make sure your iOS device is connected with your Apple TV on the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Open the Prime Video app and log in to the account using your mobile device.
  • Select the show or movie you want to watch and press play.
  • Tap one time on the playing video. You will see the AirPlay icon in the top right corner.
  • Select the AirPlay button that resembles the upward pointing triangle within a rectangle looking like a TV.


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